Bagdasaryan faces a criminal case for forgery

Participant Gelandewagen racing Mare Bagdasaryan faces a criminal case for forgery.   As it turned out, the girl provided at the venue of compulsory labor, appointed by the court for administrative offences, a fake sick leave.   The bailiffs sent the materials with the results of the inspection in the hospital 3rd Department of organization of inquiry GU MVD of Russia in Moscow for the decision on excitation of criminal case on the fact of documents, reports “Izvestia”.   The article “a Fake, manufacturing or sale of counterfeit documents” is punishable from a fine to compulsory labor for a term up to 480 hours, or corrective works for the term up to two years.   Earlier, he was sentenced to a fine of 183 thousand rubles, and also administrative arrest for 10 and 14 days 595 hours of obligatory works as a janitor in the Moscow district of Sokol. Photo:

The turtle in an hour overtook the hare in the competition: video

In social networks was broadcast of the competition between the tortoise and the hare who had to overcome a certain distance, RIA Novosti reported. It was viewed more than three million people.   A 40-minute “race” against all expectations, won by the tortoise because the hare after the command “start” huddled in a corner and refused to ever move.   Not without its tense moments: before the finish the turtle stopped and for several minutes refused to move, which caused a flurry of emotions in the comments.   “Four in the morning, and I watch it. I think I have all their priorities in order,” wrote one commenter. Video: Super Deluxe / youtube

Tanks in Lithuania will not save US from the nuclear ashes – MP

The RF state Duma Deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov has called NATO plans to place in the Baltic States four battalions accumulation trumps for future negotiations between the West and Moscow. About this politician said in the program “Process” on the TV channel “Star”.   The very situation on the border of Russia and the Baltic States in connection with the transfer to the forces of the Alliance, Fedorov called Caribbean crisis-2.   “The situation is developing positively, everything is fine. These tanks in Lithuania will save Washington from the nuclear ashes? No. It’s just the accumulation of trump cards for future negotiations in the process, let’s call it the Caribbean crisis-2, after which NATO will have to withdraw from the Baltic States because it’s illegal. And now there is preparation for these negotiations”, – the Deputy believes.   Last summer at the NATO summit it was decided on the placement of

Putin expressed his condolences to the Pakistani authorities after the attack at the mosque

Vladimir Putin Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed condolences to President of Pakistan Mamnun Hussain and Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif in connection with the attack at the mosque. On Friday, February 17, according to the Kremlin website. “This barbaric crime cannot have any justification. We hope that its customers will not leave from the deserved punishment”, — the telegram says of the Russian leader. He also confirmed Moscow’s readiness to further enhance counter-terrorism cooperation with the Pakistani partners “on a bilateral basis and within the framework of a broad international effort.” In addition, the President wished a speedy recovery to all the wounded. Yesterday in the Pakistani city of Sehwan-Sharif attack occurred. During evening prayer in the main hall in the Shrine of Lal Shahbaz, a suicide bomber detonated an explosive device. Killed 75 people, injured dozens. The responsibility for the incident was assumed by the terrorist group “Islamic state”

The mayor of Kaliningrad scolded women for the comparison of men with goats

Alexander Yarashuk The mayor of Kaliningrad Alexander Yarashuk believes that the comparison of men with goats by women is not justified. This opinion was expressed on air of radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda — Kaliningrad” on the eve of defender of the Fatherland Day. “Men are not goats, and hardworking, although, of course, every family has its black sheep,” the mayor said. He noted that “real men — the fundamentals, the head of the family”, but acknowledged that there is now little. According to Yarashuk, women live longer than men because they do not “experience all in itself”, and crying and screaming. “And we go, loaded and therefore less live for 10-15 years”, — he complained. December 8, Kaliningrad mayor made the remark to journalists, who guess at one of the works of German philosopher Immanuel Kant. “We need the gospel, not Kant’s open!” he said.

The surgeon suspected “hell’s Angels” in the recruitment of Russians

Alexander Zaldostanov The leader of the motorcycle club “Night wolves” Alexander Zaldostanov, known as the Surgeon, said that the American bike club Hells Angels (“hell’s Angels”) comes to Russia, reports the Agency “Moscow”. “We have information that the “hell’s Angels” are already in Russia are sending their recruiters, and are trying everywhere to open their cell, and their adherents are already climbing in all possible power structures and power. Including and deputies. Previously, they sat quietly, did not stick out, but now, with the advent of new recruiters, re-invigorated,” said he. According to Zaldostanov, earlier “Night wolves” appealed to lawmakers to ban the activities of such organizations in Russia, but in the answer received formal replies. The surgeon added that recently received by Rospatent from “Nomand” application for registration of the logo of the club Hells Angels speaks about the seriousness of the American club. “Why to put in our

In Kazakhstan, seven soldiers were killed in an avalanche

In Kazakhstan, seven soldiers were killed in an avalanche In Kazakhstan, seven soldiers died in an avalanche in the Zhambyl oblast. On Friday, February 17, informs a portal “Radiotochka” with reference to the press service of the Committee on emergency situations (CoES) of the Ministry of interior of the Republic. “The scene sent rescue teams, which are now in the way and soon to arrive — 75 people and 7 pieces of equipment”, — informed the Agency. In CoES said that 10 people among the trapped under an avalanche in the gorge koksai saved. In the regional command “South” of the armed forces of the Republic reported that the accident occurred at a time when a military unit was on combat training, the Agency “Kazinform”. 7 February as a result of an avalanche in the ski resort of Chimbulak near Alma-ATA killed the Russian referee Alexei Belosludtsev who worked for

On Ceres discovered “ingredients of life”

On Ceres discovered “ingredients of life” Italian and American scientists has discovered on Ceres necessary for the emergence and maintenance of life of the aliphatic organic compounds. A study published in the journal Science. Characteristic signature Kerimov and asphaltites managed to discover in the course of a spectral survey of the surface of the dwarf planet, which is held in its orbit by the Dawn machine. Most of the “ingredients of life” is concentrated in the crater area Arnote (its diameter is equal to 50 kilometers) on the area about thousand square kilometers. The authors draw attention to the fact that the detected aliphatic compounds remained on the dwarf planet since its birth, and was not imposed from outside (organics would not survive the high temperatures resulting from the collision of celestial bodies). Station Dawn launched on 27 September 2007 using the launch vehicle Delta 2 from the spaceport at

British scientists have simulated a popular female dance

British scientists have simulated a popular female dance MOSCOW, 16 Feb — RIA Novosti. A group of scientists from Northumbria University presented a 3D model of women’s dance, which, they claim, will help to attract the attention of men, according to the scientific publication Nature. The study involved 39 girls whose movements were recorded with the help of special equipment. After the first stage of the experiment the three-dimensional model of the participants were shown the group of heterosexual men who were asked to rate the dance of each test. After analyzing the expert group data, scientists have constructed a three-dimensional model of a perfect female dance. It turned out that the highest score was girls who used to dance mainly the lower part of the body. Thus excessive activity of the hands clearly reduced the degree of attractiveness of participating in the experiment.

Clever enough. Like alcohol, profanity and rock music associated with the level of your intelligence

Clever enough. Like alcohol, profanity and rock music associated with the level of your intelligence For many years researchers are trying to understand what features are inherent in intelligent people. Sometimes scientists cannot find a link between intelligence and some very unexpected characteristics, such as hairiness. In our article we will explain what unusual qualities, scientists were able to link with developed mental abilities. Spoiler alert: correlation does not mean causal relationship, so if you’re a Lefty atheist who is at leisure likes to eat chocolate, don’t flatter yourself too much. NewsHow to understand that the brain lost conscience Craving for alcohol In 2013, the Finnish psychologists conducted a large-scale study: for several years they studied twins from the nearly three thousand families. Unexpectedly, the scientists found that children who start early to speak, read and write, subsequently reaching the age of puberty, first try alcohol, and in General drink