Tanks in Lithuania will not save US from the nuclear ashes – MP

The RF state Duma Deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov has called NATO plans to place in the Baltic States four battalions accumulation trumps for future negotiations between the West and Moscow. About this politician said in the program “Process” on the TV channel “Star”.


The very situation on the border of Russia and the Baltic States in connection with the transfer to the forces of the Alliance, Fedorov called Caribbean crisis-2.


“The situation is developing positively, everything is fine. These tanks in Lithuania will save Washington from the nuclear ashes? No. It’s just the accumulation of trump cards for future negotiations in the process, let’s call it the Caribbean crisis-2, after which NATO will have to withdraw from the Baltic States because it’s illegal. And now there is preparation for these negotiations”, – the Deputy believes.


Last summer at the NATO summit it was decided on the placement of four international battalions in Poland and the Baltic States. Lithuania already has four thousand soldiers and about two and a half thousand units of equipment, including attack helicopters.


The Cuban missile crisis called the extremely tense political, diplomatic and military confrontation between the USSR and the United States in October 1962, which was caused by the location of America’s nuclear weapons in Turkey and the transfer to Cuba of Soviet troops.

Photo: Alexander Welscher / Globallookpress