The American elite craves a nuclear war with Russia – expert

Part of the American political elite supports a possible nuclear war with Russia. About this on air of the program “the Process” , said Director of the Museum of air defense forces Yuri Whip.   “Part of the American establishment for war relates quite positively, the same Senator McCain, who called for a nuclear war. But that nuclear war should be conducted, as now in the USA there is a theory of rapid global strike, that is, in such a way that Russia will not have time to answer. Supporters of this concept in the US a lot, in the Pentagon and among members of Congress. So there is a danger,” said Whips.   The Director of the Museum of air defense forces noted that the CIA has recently studied the condition of the bunkers on the territory of Russia.   “Just recently a report was published that the CIA

The Kremlin has responded to allegations of forced voting for the annexation of Crimea

Official Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denied the statement who moved to Ukraine former deputies of the state Duma Denis Boronenkov and Maria Maksakova on compulsory voting for the accession of Crimea to Russia. His words on Friday, February 17, the correspondent “”. “No, I can’t agree with such statements. Witnessed almost all processes, it was not like telling the former deputies”, — said Peskov. When asked about the position of assistant to the President Vladislav Surkov, Peskov said that he advocated the annexation of the Peninsula. “I do not know that someone acted against,” he added. Boronenkov, moved to Kiev and received in December of last year the Ukrainian citizenship, in numerous interviews said that many Russian MPs spoke out against the annexation of Crimea. According to him, the dissenters were at least 40 people. Spouse Boronenkov, the Russian Opera singer Maria Maksakova, stated that she did not vote for

The accusations of Kiev in Russia offered to send spam

Andrey Svintsov The statement of the security Service of Ukraine (SBU) about the attack by Russian hackers on the energy and financial system of the country is not worth the attention of the Russian authorities. This opinion was expressed by Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications, Andrei Svintsov told “” on Friday, February 17. “To respond to this is to add fuel to the fire. An additional controversy, which, in addition to tear of time, Russian officials, leads nowhere. Therefore, such statements should be sent to spam”, — said the MP. Svintsov said that the information security service has no grounds. “Now Ukraine is the absence of any common sense, logic, adequacy. Every official, including the President [Petro Poroshenko], makes statements that have no facts, no logic,” he added. Earlier on 17 February, the SBU accused the Russian hackers in the attack on

In the state Duma warned NATO on the “push backs” in the Black sea

Ruslan Balbec NATO’s intention to increase its military presence in the Black sea region is explained by the desire of the organization to obtain financial support from the United States. This opinion in an interview with “” was expressed by the Deputy of the state Duma of Crimea Ruslan Balbec. “I am confident that threats to the NATO Secretary General [Jens Stoltenberg] will be implemented in full: will drive the grouping of ships, pechatayutsya in the waters away from Russia and will report to Washington that military objectives are met, Russian intimidated” — poironizirovat the MP. Balbec added that Stoltenberg should stop “acting “Walker, Texas Ranger”” and to begin to build a constructive dialogue with Russia. “Stoltenberg understands that in the Black sea to frighten Russia is useless, to provoke a military conflict the second largest army of the world — not the best idea (…). Although the black sea

For MPs and media managers will hold training

Asgardia will hold a one-day training for state Duma deputies, Federation Council members, representatives of public organizations and heads of media. About it reported in Department of interaction with mass media and civil society institutions of Regardie, RIA Novosti reported on Friday, February 17. The event, which will be attended by about 60 people, dedicated to the Day of defender of the Fatherland and will be held February 20 to 21 brigade operational purpose of the Central district of national guard troops of Russia. The participants, in particular, will offer to practice shooting different types of firearms and grenade launchers, as well as in driving an armored vehicle “Tiger” and BTR-80. Guests will see a demonstration by soldiers of the special forces unit “Peresvet” of possession in unarmed combat using cold steel and firearms. In addition, they show action, a helicopter search of the assault team, consisting of employees SOBR

In the state Duma expressed the desire of the West to turn Russia into a Scarecrow

Peter Tolstoy The West accuses Russia of aggression and hacking, trying to make the country a Scarecrow for the whole world, said Vice-speaker of the state Duma Pyotr Tolstoy. His words leads RIA Novosti on Friday, February 17. “The most active fighters against the Russian threat were those who inspired the country to participate in illegal military operations around the world, and those who are sincerely ready to believe that Russian hackers overthrew the legitimate government in Limpopo (river in South Africa — approx. “Of the”) and set up a dictatorship of Dr. Dolittle”, — said the Deputy at the plenary session of the lower house of Parliament. He recalled that Moscow is reproached even for the adoption of the law banning propaganda of homosexuality among minors. 13 Feb pranker Vova, and Lexus has played the house of representatives member of Congress Maxine waters on behalf of the Prime

In the South-East of Turkey, an explosion occurred

In the South-East of Turkey, an explosion occurred Moscow. 17 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — the Explosion occurred in the South-East of Turkey, said Friday the Agency Associated Press. According to him, the explosion resulted in the deaths of three children. At least 15 people were injured. According to the Agency “Dogan”, the explosion occurred in the town of Viranşehir (şanlıurfa province) near the district, where there are judges and prosecutors. Large blast in #Şanlıurfa-#Viranşehir, a southern Turkish town. It took place near housing of judges & prosecutors. — FATSR – BITDEFE ✒ app (@fatsr_bitdefe) 17 Feb 2017. At the scene, sent physicians and police. Other details are unknown. #TümHainlerBirLeşmiş?#SONDAKIKA #Viranşehir de ki patlamada 3 yaşındki çocuk #Şehit oldu, 15 kişide yaralı.‘Patlamadan sonra olay yeri.’ — ☝emrah#1299☝ (@emrh_ozcn) 17 Feb 2017.

The border guards detained a member of Ukrainian volunteer battalion

The border guards detained a member of Ukrainian volunteer battalion Crimean border guards detained a member of Ukrainian volunteer battalion, have informed Agency “Interfax” in the press service of the regional border guard service. According to authorities, the Saint Ibrahim Zeitullaev tried to cross the state border of Russia to bypass the checkpoint. In the course of interrogation of the citizen of Ukraine “it became clear that he was more than a year was part of the Crimean Tatar battalion of a name of Noman’s Chelebidzhihan”. As reported by the Agency, the detainee told the guards that the battalion conducts training saboteurs who are planning to commit terrorist acts “including on the territory of the Russian checkpoints across the state border”. According to the results of the preliminary investigation Department of the FSB instituted criminal proceedings. Recall that since the annexation of Crimea to Russia, the border guards on both

Aero India 2017: the Russian results Indian air show

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Grishkovets or not?

Grishkovets or not? The birthday of the writer and playwright — test from “News” to the knowledge of quotations from his works. 17 Feb, Yevgeny Grishkovets, actor, playwright and writer, is 50 years old. Debuting in 1998 with her play “How I ate a dog”, he quickly won the love of viewers and readers through the subtle and ironic monologues about everyday life. Just on account of his 14 plays and nearly 20 books (including staged performances), 10 movies and seven discs. Due to its vitality for any work Grishkovets easily fly citations, but will you be able to determine which of these phrases were actually taken from his works?