NYT: Kiev any major problems with the organization of “Eurovision”

NYT: Kiev any major problems with the organization of “Eurovision” As previously reported, the creative team who worked on “Eurovision-2017” in Ukraine, February 13, officially announced the termination of work. NEW YORK, February 17. /Offset. TASS Ivan sawyers/. Discontinuance of the creative team involved in the organization of “Eurovision-2017” in Ukraine shows that Kiev is faced with serious difficulties in preparations for the song contest. This view is presented in the paper of the American newspaper The New York Times. The article notes that “the song contest “Eurovision”, the annual contest, which has started many careers of international stars such as Celine Dion, was now under threat after this week participants of the Ukrainian team who were involved in organising the event, EN masse announced the termination of work on the background of allegations of corruption and mismanagement”. As highlighted in the publication, “questions remain about whether properly conducted tenders

Scientists have created a program that simulates the panic of the crowd

Scientists have created a program that simulates the panic of the crowd It will help planners to understand where there can be a crush and how to arrange the passages. Scientists from ITMO University (Saint-Petersburg) with foreign colleagues have created a program that predicts crowd behavior, including in emergency situations. The algorithm, according to its authors, will help to prepare for any “freelance” situations during mass events, for example, to avoid the crush. Now the program is being tested on the flow of pilgrims, the largest religious festival in the world. The staff of the Institute of intensive computer technology of the ITMO University together with the National Autonomous University of Mexico the University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands), mit (USA) and northeastern University in Boston (USA) has developed a program PULSE. It allows you to simulate the crowd behavior and predict different scenarios. For example, what would happen if a

In the United States in several major cities, the migrants went on strike

In the United States in several major cities, the migrants went on strike MOSCOW, February 17 — RIA Novosti. The action “Day without immigrants” was launched Thursday in several major US cities, turning the interruption of business and failure of the migrants to spend money, reports CNN. 11фотографий11фотографий11фотографий The rally was organized to show the administration of U.S. President Donald trump, as many immigrants do for the economy amid the tight presidential decrees in relation to visitors, the report said. “The city felt it on Thursday in connection with the closing of businesses and the refusal of immigrants to spend money in that day,” notes CNN. According to the channel, “many immigrants and business owners refused to work in solidarity”. After learning about the campaign, some restaurant staff has done “double duty” in advance that the business is not affected. For example, in school a Little Red Fox in Washington,

Deputies of the state Duma in the spring will be sent for military training

Deputies of the state Duma in the spring will be sent for military training Moscow. 17 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — Deputies of the state Duma this spring, will undergo military training, said Deputy defense Minister Nikolai Pankov. “The camp we meet regularly, plan to pursue charges and the current composition of the State Duma — we will do it in the spring,” said Pankov, answering the deputies ‘ questions. At the meeting of the state Duma on Friday discussed the bill amending the existing law “On military duty and military service”, which are considered in the first reading. As explained by Pankow, specific dates for military training will be agreed with the state Duma.

For Secretary of state had no place in the hotels of Bonn

For Secretary of state had no place in the hotels of Bonn Moscow. 17 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — the Organizers of the meeting of foreign Ministers of the G20 in Bonn were forced to settle U.S. Secretary Rex Tillerson in a sanatorium, a 30-minute drive from the city in connection with the lack of places in the city hotels, reported Bloomberg. By the time when the head of the U.S. state Department confirmed his participation in the meeting, “all of the hotels were already reserved”, the Agency said, adding that everyone who wanted to meet Tillerson, including the head of the British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, were forced to spend time on the road. The report States that the U.S. Secretary of state tries to avoid communication with the press. In particular, before the meeting with the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov assistants Tillerson quickly removed

Medvedev approved the creation of a unified social system

Photo: RIA Novosti Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree dated 14 February 2017 No. 181. the creation of a Single state information system of social security. The document defines the status, composition, sources, order of presentation posted in the system information. “This system will allow to ensure the relevance and completeness of information about all the measures of social protection (support), guarantees and payments of, compensation provided in accordance with normative legal acts of the Russian Federation, normative legal acts of subjects of Federation and municipal legal acts and their recipients, and their rights to such measures of social protection”, – the document says. Dmitry Medvedev: We have a complicated, multi-layered order of the measures of social protection. It takes into account a variety of criteria: from the health to the experience in the far North, the number of children in the family to benefits for housing. The new

The terrorist attack in the Sinai Peninsula killed five people

With the explosion of a land mine in the North of the Sinai Peninsula killed five Egyptian soldiers. About it reports Reuters. Two more soldiers were injured. The explosive device was buried on the side of the road. It detonated when passing by a military APC. Responsibility for the attack itself, no one has claimed, but law enforcers suspect in the conduct of the local branch of the banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state” (IG). The rebellion at Sinai in 2011. After the summer of 2014, the numerous groups operating in this region, and swore allegiance to ISIS and have joined forces, the situation there has deteriorated. Over the last three years the victims of the war against Sinai Islamists were hundreds of soldiers, police and civilians. October 31, 2015, in the Sinai Peninsula crashed Airbus A321 for Russian airline “Kogalymavia” carrying out flight on a route Sharm El-Sheikh- Saint

The Finnish Parliament legalized same-sex marriage

MPs rejected by a majority of votes a citizen’s initiative to repeal the law about equal marriage. It is reported Yle.fi. “Parliament has confirmed that gay marriage will be 100 percent resolved now and forever. Happy weddings!” — said in this regard, the leader of the party “Green Alliance” Ville Niinistö, quoted in the Russian service “bi-Bi-si”. Opponents of gay marriage gathered on a petition demanding its abolition, more than 50 thousand signatures. The civil initiative was supported by MPs from the party “True Finns” and “Christian Democrats”. A law allowing persons of the same sex to enter into a formal marriage, was adopted in Finland in 2014. Since March 1 of this year it takes effect. Now the country’s same-sex couples are allowed to join the so-called “registered partnership”, which is not considered renocannon official marriage. After the law came into force Finland will become the 21st country in

At the Munich conference found it difficult to identify the President of Estonia

Kirsty Kaljulaid At the Munich security conference, leading a panel discussion failed to identify the President of Estonia. About it the correspondent “Tapes.ru” from the event. The incident occurred during the first panel discussion, which was led by journalist Philip Stephens. Seeing the raised hand of the President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid, he asked who she was and someone is. Was a pause, then Kaljulaid introduced himself and announced that represents my country — Estonia. Speaking at the same discussion, the Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite Stevens identified accurately. The Munich security conference began in the Bavarian capital on Friday, February 17. It will last three days. Planned nine panel discussions, two night meetings and numerous meetings on the sidelines of the event.