The mayor of Kaliningrad scolded women for the comparison of men with goats

Alexander Yarashuk

The mayor of Kaliningrad Alexander Yarashuk believes that the comparison of men with goats by women is not justified. This opinion was expressed on air of radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda — Kaliningrad” on the eve of defender of the Fatherland Day.

“Men are not goats, and hardworking, although, of course, every family has its black sheep,” the mayor said. He noted that “real men — the fundamentals, the head of the family”, but acknowledged that there is now little.

According to Yarashuk, women live longer than men because they do not “experience all in itself”, and crying and screaming. “And we go, loaded and therefore less live for 10-15 years”, — he complained.

December 8, Kaliningrad mayor made the remark to journalists, who guess at one of the works of German philosopher Immanuel Kant. “We need the gospel, not Kant’s open!” he said.