Bagdasaryan faces a criminal case for forgery

Participant Gelandewagen racing Mare Bagdasaryan faces a criminal case for forgery.


As it turned out, the girl provided at the venue of compulsory labor, appointed by the court for administrative offences, a fake sick leave.


The bailiffs sent the materials with the results of the inspection in the hospital 3rd Department of organization of inquiry GU MVD of Russia in Moscow for the decision on excitation of criminal case on the fact of documents, reports “Izvestia”.


The article “a Fake, manufacturing or sale of counterfeit documents” is punishable from a fine to compulsory labor for a term up to 480 hours, or corrective works for the term up to two years.


Earlier, he was sentenced to a fine of 183 thousand rubles, and also administrative arrest for 10 and 14 days 595 hours of obligatory works as a janitor in the Moscow district of Sokol.

Photo: Mara Baghdasaryan / VKontakte