Footage of the terrible accident: a pickup truck rammed the bus with people at breakneck speed

In the American city of Syracuse had been a terrible accident involving a pickup truck and a passenger bus, the 82-year-old driver of the car lost control and at great speed flew in the right side of the bus.   While the window seats a few people, which literally blows the seats. It is reported that this accident occurred on January 19, none of the passengers, as the driver of the pickup was seriously injured. Video: / youtube

More than 15 tons of food delivered to Syria from Russia per day

Over the past day, Russia gave in Aleppo more than 15 tons of food, according to the Center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria. International organizations have donated more than 20 tons of humanitarian aid in areas of the city of Deir ez-Zor.   “Russian Centre for reconciliation the warring parties conducted 12 humanitarian actions in the city of Aleppo,” according to the website of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation.   As reported in Department, of the total humanitarian assistance to civilians transferred more than 7.5 tons of bread, 3 thousand servings of hot food and 1.2 thousand food sets.   In addition, the Russian aircraft using parachute platforms in the area of the city of Deir ez-Zor delivered 20.7 tons of food, obtained by the Syrian authorities by the UN. Photo: Jiang Tieying / Globallookpress

Popular educational tours to Britain among Russians has doubled

The number of Russians booked educational tours to the UK in January increased by 100 percent in comparison with the first month of 2016. About it the correspondent “” have told the BSI Group. As stated by the representative of the tour operator, Irina Naumova, the head of the Department of education abroad, one of the reasons for the increased demand for such services may be the stabilization of the ruble. Interest in training in other countries remains stable at level of last year, she added. Among the other popular clients of the BSI Group of directions of educational tours includes Malta, Czech Republic, Ireland, Cyprus, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, USA and Canada. The average bill for a trip of students from Russia abroad to study in January amounted to 130 thousand rubles. Students in the first month of 2016 spent on education abroad, an average of 75 thousand rubles. Earlier

On the moon they found “traces of life”

Japanese scientists have discovered on the moon “traces of life” — oxygen of the Earth’s atmosphere. A study published in the journal Nature Astronomy. Experts analyzed data obtained from the Japanese satellite SELENE (Selenological and Engineering Explorer), which is found in the lunar regolith at a depth of several microns oxygen. He began to get there from the Earth’s atmosphere approximately, as shown by scientists, to 2.5 billion years ago, at a time when the planet’s atmosphere for the first time, a considerable oxygen content. The study authors note that the way the satellite was able to keep the old matter of the Earth. Companion SELENE launched on 14 September 2007 and ceased to exist on 10 June 2009. The device became the second artificial satellite of the moon, launched by Japan. The objectives of the mission included the study of the origin of the satellite and the structure of

Trump dismissed the acting Prosecutor General for his criticism of the decree

Sally Yates The temporary head of the justice Department and U.S. attorney General Sally Yates, who was appointed to the leadership office under the previous administration of Barack Obama, dismissed the decision of the new President of Donald trump. About it reports Reuters. To lead the Ministry appointed district attorney for the Eastern district of Virginia Dana Boente. As stated by the White house, Yates “gave the Ministry of justice by refusing to enforce a legal order aimed at protecting the citizens of the United States.” “Mrs. Yates is an appointee of the Obama administration, which occupies a weak position on the question of borders and a very weak stance on the issue of illegal immigration,” the statement reads. Yates had to perform their duties until the appointment of a new head, but on Monday, January 30, stated that he refused to support the decree of the trump on the

Zhirinovsky complained of immobility of his “E-mobile”

Vladimir Zhirinovsky The “E-mobility”, presented to the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky businessman Mikhail Prokhorov broke the battery. About it reports “Interfax” on Monday, January 30. “He’s standing without movement, battery crumbled. The car is new, but the battery fell down,” said Zhirinovsky in the meeting with the youth in the state Duma. He recalled that all these three cars: the second belongs to Prokhorov, the location of the third is unknown. On 25 January, the leader of the liberal Democrats told about the fate given to him by the bears. According to him, two he gave away to the circus, and the third escaped. Businessman, founder of the “Civic platform” Mikhail Prokhorov promised to give Zhirinovsky “yo-mobile” in 2012 during the presidential campaign. Two years later, the leader of LDPR has sent him a complaint that the gift still not received. In December of 2014, Prokhorov was presented with

Milonov has found a way to protect helpless patients against violence

Vitaly Milonov Incapacitated patients need to be protected from the violent actions of medical workers at the legislative level, according to state Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov. This opinion he expressed in an interview with RT on Monday, January 30. “We have now laws are tough enough but they need to complement a lifetime ban for such people to engage in activities, which involves interaction with people in a helpless state, medical, educational, sanitary,” said he, commenting on the abuse of a patient in Podolsk the hospital. The MP added that he was ready to examine the possibility of developing a bill. Earlier Monday, investigators arrested in resuscitation of hospital of Podolsk. From the case materials follows that at night on January 5, the suspect had committed violent acts of a sexual nature concerning 43-year-old patient who, according to preliminary data, was hospitalized with burns to 40 percent of the body.

Kozak refused to give the Sochi waterfront your name

Dmitry Kozak Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak spoke out against the initiative of Sochi residents to rename nizhneimeretinskoy promenade in his honor. This was reported by his press Secretary Ilya Dzhus, reports TASS. “Kozak with respect and appreciates the initiative of the residents, but their consent, of course, does not. We have no doubt that the residents so appreciated the work of many thousands of Olympic construction workers and organizers of the games,” said Dzhus. He added that a clear title to the waterfront, you can choose according to the results of the relevant competition or survey. On 30 January it was reported that the Sochi city administration received treatment with a proposal to name Nizhneimeretinskoy the promenade by the name of Dmitry Kozak. With this initiative, according to TASS, was made by the community members, the tourism Association and heads of health centers. Sochi 2014 has hosted a winter

Railways: hundreds of trains will be held to bypass Ukraine

Photo: RIA Novosti Railroad built to bypass Ukraine, will be able to serve up to 240 passenger and freight trains per day. These data were provided by the Vice-President of JSC “RZD” Oleg Tony, pass the Rambler/news citing RIA Novosti. We are talking about double-track electrified branch on the zhuravka-Millerovo in the Voronezh region. Now it has been built for 2,5 thousand workers “The capacity of this area after completion of construction will be in accordance with the schedule. Only in the summer period, the passenger train goes 62 in each direction, and the same freight”, — he said. According to Tony, the Railways took stringent obligations on the supply of construction sand, sleepers and gravel and executes them. Oleg Tony and Deputy defense Minister Dmitry Bulgakov arrived today in the Voronezh region, to monitor the construction of the railway bypassing Ukraine.

The defence Ministry threw the new forces into the construction of the railway bypassing Ukraine

Photo: RIA Novosti In the grouping of railway troops engaged in the works included the third track battalion of the southern military district. The number of personnel involved exceeded 1,300 people. This was announced by Deputy defense Minister Dmitry Bulgakov, reports RIA Novosti. “Now the average daily pace of work of the railway troops are 1200 meters of laying rail-sleeper grid,” — said the Deputy Minister. Now, according to him, the construction of the railway line involved five battalions of mechanization individual train crews in Western, Central and southern military districts, three separate travel battalion of the southern military district, as well as over 500 pieces of automotive, special and engineering equipment. Deputy defence Minister noted that winter conditions are most favorable for carrying out the work. “As soon as spring thaw, the pace of work may be reduced. So today at staff meeting we said a schedule of work