Zhirinovsky complained of immobility of his “E-mobile”

Vladimir Zhirinovsky

The “E-mobility”, presented to the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky businessman Mikhail Prokhorov broke the battery. About it reports “Interfax” on Monday, January 30.

“He’s standing without movement, battery crumbled. The car is new, but the battery fell down,” said Zhirinovsky in the meeting with the youth in the state Duma.

He recalled that all these three cars: the second belongs to Prokhorov, the location of the third is unknown.

On 25 January, the leader of the liberal Democrats told about the fate given to him by the bears. According to him, two he gave away to the circus, and the third escaped.

Businessman, founder of the “Civic platform” Mikhail Prokhorov promised to give Zhirinovsky “yo-mobile” in 2012 during the presidential campaign. Two years later, the leader of LDPR has sent him a complaint that the gift still not received. In December of 2014, Prokhorov was presented with the promised car.

Implementation of the project “E-mobiles” began in 2010 with the collaboration of the group “ONEXIM” Mikhail Prokhorov and the company “YAROVIT motors”. This was supposed to be environmentally friendly transport at a price of about 450-490 thousand rubles. Start of production “E-mobile” was planned for 2012, then it was postponed indefinitely.

Mikhail Prokhorov participated in the presidential elections in 2012 and eventually gained 7.98 percent of the vote. In early 2015, he said that he was leaving all authorities and “Civil platform”.