The defence Ministry threw the new forces into the construction of the railway bypassing Ukraine


RIA Novosti

In the grouping of railway troops engaged in the works included the third track battalion of the southern military district. The number of personnel involved exceeded 1,300 people. This was announced by Deputy defense Minister Dmitry Bulgakov, reports RIA Novosti.

“Now the average daily pace of work of the railway troops are 1200 meters of laying rail-sleeper grid,” — said the Deputy Minister.

Now, according to him, the construction of the railway line involved five battalions of mechanization individual train crews in Western, Central and southern military districts, three separate travel battalion of the southern military district, as well as over 500 pieces of automotive, special and engineering equipment.

Deputy defence Minister noted that winter conditions are most favorable for carrying out the work. “As soon as spring thaw, the pace of work may be reduced. So today at staff meeting we said a schedule of work based on the weather forecast,” — said Bulgakov.

29 October 2015 for work on the stretch of road from 31 th to 57-th km from Abakan additionally been relocated separate railway battalion of mechanized 5th separate railway brigade CVO.

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev on 21 September 2015 signed a decree on the construction of a railway section zhuravka — Millerovo between Voronezh and Rostov regions, bypassing Ukraine. The construction of the railway for trains from the Central regions of the country in the South, began in 2015. It was planned that the works will finish by 2017.