Under the nose fairing of the American liner found 14 kilos of cocaine

Under the nose fairing American liner, arrived from Colombia, accidentally discovered 14 kilograms of cocaine. About it reports Reuters. The Boeing 757, which drugs were found, is owned by American Airlines. He flew out of Colombia and landed safely in Miami, but due to the workload of mechanics airport it has been forwarded for inspection at the airport of the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma. When liner service one of the technicians noticed that some of the insulation panels inside the fairing look quite new. He took one of them and found a hiding place from which removed seven packages of cocaine. Their retail price, according to the American police, could reach 200 thousand dollars. Colombia is the main source of supply of cocaine in the United States. It is imported into the country by aircraft, ships, yachts and even submarines. As a rule, Colombian drug lords buy up the Coca

Iran has said it is preparing a response to the anti-immigrant decree trump

Bahram Ghasemi Foreign Ministry spokesman of Iran Bahram ghasemi announced the formation of the interdepartmental Commission, which will deal with the production of responses related to the position of Washington on the limitation of entry into the U.S. citizens of some Muslim countries. It is reported Mehr. The diplomat said that the first step of the Commission was the preparation of a special circular to the ambassadors of the Islamic Republic in all countries of the world. “These instructions are to respect the honor and dignity of the Iranians living abroad, especially those who are likely to face difficulties in the U.S.,” said ghasemi. Earlier, on January 30, the Iraqi Parliament approved a resolution calling for the imposition of retaliatory measures in connection with the signing by US President Donald trump of the decree for the restriction of entry into the country of Muslims. While the specific steps envisaged in

New German foreign Minister has cancelled a visit to Brussels because of a virus

Sigmar Gabriel The new foreign Minister of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel, has cancelled a visit to Brussels due to a virus. It is reported by Bild. According to the publication, the Minister is seriously ill — he caught the virus from her daughter. The visit was canceled two hours before departure. It was planned that in Brussels, Gabriel will meet with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and high representative of the Union for foreign Affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini. This visit was supposed to be the second for Gabriel, as the head of the foreign Ministry: on Saturday, January 28, he had already visited Paris. Sigmar Gabriel was appointed head of the German diplomatic corps on Friday, January 27. He said he intends to maintain the continuity of foreign policy: Germany will remain committed to the principle of the unity of Europe will continue to

Moscow accused Kiev in a conscious rejection of the Minsk agreements

Dmitry Peskov The worsening situation in the Donbass said that the Kiev authorities have no intention to implement the Minsk agreements, according to the Kremlin. This statement was made on Tuesday, January 31, the press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, reports the correspondent of”.ru”. “We deeply regret that the leadership of Ukraine is deliberately refusing to implement these agreements, despite the fact that, under them, under the text, which sets out these arrangements, is the signature of the President of Ukraine”, — said the official representative of the Kremlin. He also stressed that Moscow is one of the guarantors of the agreements, and called for greater pressure on Ukraine in the “Normandy format”. “Of course, and Moscow and Paris and Berlin should increase its influence and pressure in this case to Kiev in order to force Kiev to go after for the fulfillment of those items, which are

In Moscow will open five perinatal complexes

Five perinatal centers will be opened in Moscow region in the summer of 2017, said the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov in his annual address to the people of the region, according to RIAMA. The new complexes will appear in Naro-Fominsk, Sochi, Kolomna, Sergiev Posad and Ramenskoye. “With them we will be ready to take plus 20 thousand women from other regions,” — said Vorobyov. The Governor promised that in 2017 the suburban health workers will get a raise in pay. “Our health workers in the past year, we twice raised wages. This year doctors and nurses will also get a boost”, he said. According to Vorobyov, more than 350 suburban doctors will be able to take advantage of the social mortgage. Informed in the regional Ministry of construction has promised that more than 300 doctors, teachers and young researchers in 2016 received certificates for social mortgage. Selection of

The Kremlin revealed the contents of Putin’s conversation with trump

Photo: TASS Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed during a telephone conversation with his us counterpart Donald trump, the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine, as well as the opportunity of a personal meeting. This was announced on Saturday evening, January 28, the press service of the Kremlin. “Discussed topical international problems, including combating terrorism, the situation in the middle East, the Arab-Israeli conflict, strategic stability and non-proliferation, the situation around the Iranian nuclear program and the Korean Peninsula. Also touched upon the main aspects of the crisis in Ukraine. Agreed to establish a partnership on these and other directions”, — stated in the message. The two leaders noted as a priority the need to combat international terrorism and agreed to coordinate the Russian and American military to defeat the “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia) and other terrorist groups operating in Syria. Putin and trump also pointed to the importance of

Naval aviation of the Russian Navy will soon receive about 30 modernized Il-38N

Anti-submarine Il-38N aircraft © Sergey Fadeichev/TASS MOSCOW, January 31. /TASS/. Naval aviation of the Russian Navy in the near term plans to get about 30 modernized anti-submarine aircraft Il-38N. This was announced by its chief major General Igor Kozhin. Another aircraft was transferred to naval aviation on Tuesday, he was given the name “Victor Potapov”. “Defence Minister tasked to modernize the entire fleet of these aircraft,” – said Kozhin during the ceremony.

Mother kicked in the face by 3-year-old daughter to save her: video

In Malaysia surveillance cameras caught the woman who saved his daughter from the lift to the fact that with all his strength kicked it in the face.   The video shows how 3-year-old girl comes to open the Elevator doors and going inside, but they start to close. Mother, which was not in the frame initially, reacts with lightning speed, she runs to her daughter and pushes her foot from the door. If this is in the face of the child.   “In the Elevator has no sensor, only the button inside to open the door. The girl was very lucky. A little while, and she was stuck between the doors,” said the security guard of the building. Video: World Share世界分享 世界分享 / Youtube