Railways: hundreds of trains will be held to bypass Ukraine


RIA Novosti

Railroad built to bypass Ukraine, will be able to serve up to 240 passenger and freight trains per day. These data were provided by the Vice-President of JSC “RZD” Oleg Tony, pass the Rambler/news citing RIA Novosti.

We are talking about double-track electrified branch on the zhuravka-Millerovo in the Voronezh region. Now it has been built for 2,5 thousand workers

“The capacity of this area after completion of construction will be in accordance with the schedule. Only in the summer period, the passenger train goes 62 in each direction, and the same freight”, — he said.

According to Tony, the Railways took stringent obligations on the supply of construction sand, sleepers and gravel and executes them.

Oleg Tony and Deputy defense Minister Dmitry Bulgakov arrived today in the Voronezh region, to monitor the construction of the railway bypassing Ukraine.