On the moon they found “traces of life”

Japanese scientists have discovered on the moon “traces of life” — oxygen of the Earth’s atmosphere. A study published in the journal Nature Astronomy.

Experts analyzed data obtained from the Japanese satellite SELENE (Selenological and Engineering Explorer), which is found in the lunar regolith at a depth of several microns oxygen.

He began to get there from the Earth’s atmosphere approximately, as shown by scientists, to 2.5 billion years ago, at a time when the planet’s atmosphere for the first time, a considerable oxygen content.

The study authors note that the way the satellite was able to keep the old matter of the Earth.

Companion SELENE launched on 14 September 2007 and ceased to exist on 10 June 2009. The device became the second artificial satellite of the moon, launched by Japan. The objectives of the mission included the study of the origin of the satellite and the structure of its surface.