Three thousand people are searching in the area of 10 sq km – the Russian defense Ministry

Immediately after the crash of Tu-154 Russian defense Ministry was formed the search area a total area of 10.5 sq kms in search and rescue operations involved more than three thousand people, reports the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation.   On the site of the crash, the search continues. Earlier it was reported about the discovery on the site of the crash the seven bodies of the victims.   Early on Sunday morning, the plane of the defense Ministry’s Tu-154 crashed off the coast of Sochi. It disappeared from radar screens and stopped communicating after 2 minutes after takeoff.   The first fragments were discovered 1.5 kilometers from the coast at a depth of 50-70 meters. In addition to performers of the Alexandrov ensemble, on Board was a famous doctor Elizabeth Glinka (Doctor Liza), and nine journalists. The crew of TV channel “Star”, “First channel” and NTV. Photo:

Netanyahu summoned the ambassadors of the countries-members of the UN security Council for resolution on settlements

Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu summoned to the foreign Ministry the ambassadors of the countries members of the Security Council (SC) of the United Nations in connection with the adoption of a resolution condemning settlement activity, the Jewish state in the occupied Palestinian territories. It is reported by The Jerusalem Post. We are talking about the heads of 12 diplomatic missions of the States members of the security Council, with which Israel established diplomatic relations. As writes the edition, in that there would be nothing unusual if not for the timing of Netanyahu, the day is celebrated Catholic Christmas. Many ambassadors are in this regard, the vacations, and therefore, the foreign Ministry of Israel will come to their residual entity that is of a lower rank. The newspaper adds that during the Cabinet meeting, Netanyahu literally hit with criticism of the U.S. administration and American President Barack Obama. “We

Poltavchenko asked to remove a soulless artificial Christmas tree from the Palace square

Photo: RIA Novosti Deputy of the municipality of Shushary Artemy Galitsyn asked the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko to return a live tree on Palace square. He said this on his page in Facebook on Thursday, December 22. “Now the center of our city is decorated with strange cone, only from a distance resembling a Christmas tree,” wrote the MP. In his opinion, artificial tree deprives the celebrations. A living tree should be set in anticipation of 2017, which was declared the Year of ecology, I’m sure Galitsin. “For example, the main Christmas tree can be promoted among citizens careful attitude to one of the most important natural riches of Russia — to the forest. Here we should talk about buying Christmas trees grown in special nurseries, rather than arbitrarily cut black woodcutters”, — said the Deputy. Artificial fir he proposed to transfer in Shushary, where previously the police

The first footage of the rescue operation in the area of the crash of Tu-154

Appeared the first pictures of the rescue operation in the area of the alleged crash site of Tu-154 Russian defense Ministry.   The Board of the defense Ministry’s Tu-154 crashed off the coast of Sochi in the Black sea.   Earlier, the plane took off from the airfield near Moscow “Chkalovsky”, and in Sochi the plane landed to refuel. Then the plane headed toward the Russian base “Hamim” in Syria, but 2 minutes after takeoff, it disappeared from radar.   Only the plane was 93 people. Among them was and crew of TV channel “Zvezda”, journalists of NTVand “the First channel”. Tu-154 crashed off the coast of Sochi in the Black sea.   The debris found a mile from the shore at a depth of 50-70 meters. Photo: defense Ministry

Netanyahu refused to accept, because of the vote of Ukraine in the security Council

Volodymyr Groysman Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to cancel the visit of the head of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers Volodymyr Groysman, who was to arrive in Israel next week. This writes the newspaper Haaretz. A senior official in Jerusalem said that the decision was taken in light of the Ukraine vote in support of UN security Council resolution criticizing Israeli policy of settlement of the Palestinian question. As the newspaper notes, Groisman, the first Jew Prime Minister of Ukraine, was appointed in April 2016, he has a family in the Israeli city of Ashdod. Before his election as Prime Minister Groysman was the mayor of Vinnytsia, where he was known to have taken an active part in Jewish community life and the strengthening of its relations with foreign countries, especially Israel. On 23 December the UN security Council approved a resolution, demanding tel Aviv to stop settlement construction

Putin told about the principles of selection of managerial personnel

Federal authorities trust the leaders in the regions, but in some cases their ranks need to be updated. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin said at a press conference on Friday, December 23, the correspondent “”. “Can we trust the so-called local staff? Of course we do. The vast majority of constituent entities of the Russian Federation of working immigrants from these regions”, — said the head of state. At the same time, according to the President, there are times when “the elites need to update”. Leaders are selected based on personal and business qualities, “which give reason to believe that these people will effectively cope with the assigned duties,” Putin explained. “What is in store for them — will depend on them, from how citizens will evaluate their work,” said the President, speaking about the personnel policy of the governors. In late July, Putin held a number of personnel

The names of the members of the crew of TV channel “Star” on Board the Tu-154

The TV channel “Zvezda” publishes the names of members of his crew that was supposed to be on Board the Tu-154, crashed in the Black sea off the coast of Sochi. The correspondent of “Stars” Pavel Obukhov, operator – Alexander Surinov, and assistant operator – Valery Rzhevsky.   In addition, the “First channel” announced the names of members of his crew, which probably was also on Board the ship. This correspondent Dmitry Rankov, cinematographer Vadim Denisov and sound engineer Alexander Saidov.   And crew of NTV correspondent Michael Luzhetsky, the operator Oleg Pestov and soundman Evgeny Tolstov. In addition, Syria was flying and the Alexandrov ensemble. The list of passengers of the aircraft is now specified.   The Board of the defense Ministry, Tu-154 crashed off the coast of Sochi in the Black sea. The first fragments were discovered 1.5 kilometers from shore at a depth of 50-70 meters. The