“Dear Leonid Ilyich”: the facts of life General Secretary Brezhnev

“Dear Leonid Ilyich”: the facts of life General Secretary Brezhnev TASS tells why it was called a ballerina, as a future Secretary General almost died in a plane crash and which one fainted. December 19 marks 110 years since the birth of Leonid Brezhnev. On a post of the first Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party, he spent more than 18 years. The era of his reign has been controversial. Some call it stagnation, others considered the best time in the history of the Soviet Union. TASS has gathered little-known facts from the life of Leonid Brezhnev.

Putin said the main result of the work of the government in 2016

Putin said the main result of the work of the government in 2016 The main achievement of the government in 2016 is to find “an optimal balance between solving problems in the sphere of economy and social development”. This was at a traditional new year meeting with Cabinet Ministers, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, reports “Interfax”. Read alsoPutin has predicted record low inflation for 2016 “It was frustrating, but overall this balance has been found,” he said. In his opinion, the government worked with “optimal effect”. Putin acknowledged that Russia “continues a slight decline,” but noted that “compared to the downturn of last year is night and day”. According to him, there is reason to believe that next year Russia will enter the path of economic growth, said the head of state. “It is important that this growth has been sustained and has increased from year to year,”

Facebook restored the page Zakharova photo of the murdered Ambassador of the Russian Federation

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova © Alexander Shcherbak/TASS MOSCOW, December 20. /TASS/. Social network Facebook has apologized for temporarily blocking the account of the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova and restored the photo killed in the attack, the Russian Ambassador in Ankara, Andrey Karlov. About it the diplomat wrote on his page on the social network. “The company Facebook apologized and restored my account photo killed in the attack, the Russian Ambassador in Turkey Andrey Karlov”, – she wrote. “Friends, thank you for your support!”, – concluded Zakharov.

The body of the Russian Ambassador sent from Ankara to Moscow

The plane with the body of the murdered in Turkey, the Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov flew from Ankara to Moscow. About it reports on Tuesday, 20 December, TASS with reference to sources in air traffic control services. “Just a special flight headed from Ankara to Moscow. About three hours later he landed in Moscow airport Vnukovo”, — said the Agency interlocutor. In the air port the aircraft will personally meet the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov. He said this at the General meeting of the Russian Council on international Affairs, RIA Novosti reported. “I will gladly stand before you, and then you go to the airport to meet the aircraft with the body of Andrei Gennadyevich. Eternal memory”, — said the Minister. In Ankara before sending the plane held a farewell ceremony with Charles. On the Turkish side at the event, in particular, was attended by the

United Russia were happy with the move from building “in the style of early Luzhkov”

Duma faction “United Russia” held a meeting in the new office of the party located on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 39, the correspondent “Tapes.ru”. Recently renovated office should become Federal headquarters of the party, said at the meeting, the EP President and the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. According to the Deputy of the state Duma from “United Russia” Vitaly Milonov, after moving the working conditions are much more comfortable. “In the Bath — it was awful, uncomfortable and depressing place, some conglomeration of tasteless in the style of early Luzhkov (the building was built in 1999 — approx. “Of the tape.ru”). It’s a normal room, more modern,” — said Milonov experiences with “Tape.ru”. According to Vice-speaker of the Duma Sergei Neverov, the meeting was attended by 311 deputies. The parliamentarians summed up the results of work for the autumn session in October and they examined 346 bills and approved 120

Putin will discuss the situation in the economy with business representatives

Photo: RIA Novosti Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, December 19, will hold a meeting with representatives of Russian business circles, reports TASS with reference to press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. “We are talking about the biggest employers contributing to the national economy, including in crisis situations, which are social responsibility, their enterprise is interest from the national economy”, – said Peskov. He explained that the purpose of the meeting was to exchange views on the situation in the economy, and to hear their attitude to anti-crisis measures of the government.

Turkey in the UN General Assembly voted for the anti-Russian resolution on Crimea

The UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly for the Ukrainian resolution on Crimea. In document resolution including placed a call to Russia “to cease to infringe on the rights of the Crimean people”. As reported, the resolution was adopted on December 19. The document, which was prepared by the Ukrainian side was supported by 70 countries, including EU countries, Canada, USA, Turkey and Japan. Voted against – 26. 77 abstained. In particular, the document drawn up by Ukraine calls upon the Russian authorities “to put an immediate end” all cases of alleged human rights abuses. Also there is the persistent requirement to cancel the decision of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation on the recognition of extremist organization “the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people”. Photo: Li Muzi / Globallookpress

Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov. Dossier

Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov. Dossier Aephi leads a biography of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey Andrey Karlov. In Ankara killed by Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov. An armed man burst into the hall of the gallery of modern art, which hosted a photo exhibition “Russia through the eyes of the Turks.” The gunman yelled, “Get out!” Then he opened fire on visitors. One of the bullets hit Charles in the back, the diplomat was urgently hospitalized and died in hospital. PHOTO: Just minutes before the attack, the Russian Ambassador was pictured during his remarks in Ankara (Ecenur Çolak – Anadolu Ajansı) pic.twitter.com/V7HMTKbTDP — Ragıp Soylu (@ragipsoylu) 19 Dec 2016 Dossier Andrey Karlov was born on 4 February 1954. In 1976 he graduated from the faculty of international economic relations MGIMO. In 1992 he graduated from the Diplomatic Academy of the MFA of Russia. Speaks English and Korean. Since 1976,

A four-meter shark threw tourists in the air

A four-meter shark threw tourists in the air Four-metre shark attacked a tourist in South Africa. From the impact of the predator 55-year-old Ben Sorta (Ben Swart) was thrown from the boat in which he sailed. It is reported portal IOL. The incident occurred on Monday, December 19, in the resort of Plettenberg Bay on the South-West of the country. Svort along with two friends sailed on the kayaks from the shore at a distance of about 400 meters, when the shark attacked him. The man felt a sharp blow in the bottom of the boat, from which he was thrown from the craft. Camper was not injured in the attack, but his boat received significant damage. Caution advised in Plett after shark encounter today https://t.co/pMcKnNkv4P pic.twitter.com/M3rMBYML7f — NSRI (@NSRI) 19 Dec 2016 Exciting surfski experience when shark hit Ben Swart”s ski from the bottom – glad we could pull