A four-meter shark threw tourists in the air

A four-meter shark threw tourists in the air

Four-metre shark attacked a tourist in South Africa. From the impact of the predator 55-year-old Ben Sorta (Ben Swart) was thrown from the boat in which he sailed. It is reported portal IOL.

The incident occurred on Monday, December 19, in the resort of Plettenberg Bay on the South-West of the country.

Svort along with two friends sailed on the kayaks from the shore at a distance of about 400 meters, when the shark attacked him.

The man felt a sharp blow in the bottom of the boat, from which he was thrown from the craft.

Camper was not injured in the attack, but his boat received significant damage.

Caution advised in Plett after shark encounter today https://t.co/pMcKnNkv4P pic.twitter.com/M3rMBYML7f

— NSRI (@NSRI) 19 Dec 2016

Exciting surfski experience when shark hit Ben Swart”s ski from the bottom – glad we could pull him safe to shore! pic.twitter.com/W8Z2WzGvnJ


According to preliminary data, attacking Sorta the animal belonged to the species the white shark. Rescuers in connection with this incident is urged tourists on the beaches of Plettenberg Bay people to be cautious.

In September the shark for three hours attacked three surfers in Florida. In the end, two of them received serious injuries.