In Croatia, the Russian team was called “Karpino anti-Axis”

Croatian media called Russian football players “Karpino anti-axers” The article is available on the website of the publication. In the article, the author claims that only ten percent of Russian fans believe in the victory of their team in the decisive qualifying match against Croatia. Also in the title of the article of the Russian national team players were called “Karpino anti-axers”. The author used the joking answer of the head coach of the national team Valery Karpin to the question of why some of the team's players were not vaccinated against the coronavirus. “Anti-takers probably,” Karpin said then. The match between Russia and Croatia will be held in Split on November 14th. The Russian national team is leading in the standings of Group H. However, the Croats can get ahead of Karpin's charges. To do this, they need to win a home match. It will allow the Croats to

The Glasgow Summit adopted the Climate Pact. Experts call him superficial and not ambitious.

The document will go into & nbsp; history as the Glasgow Climate Pact. Its key points are: Gradually reducing the amount of coal used as the most damaging & nbsp; fossil fuel ecology Reviewing the work done on a & nbsp; more regular basis Increasing financial assistance to the poor and & nbsp ; developing countries to & nbsp; fight climate change Although the agreement was signed by delegations of almost 200 countries, almost every clause of it causes disagreement between the parties. For example, in the & nbsp; original text of the document it was about & nbsp; complete and & nbsp; abrupt cessation of the use of coal, but & nbsp; India insisted on & nbsp; changes to the & nbsp; benefit of 'phase-out' from & nbsp; this type of fuel. The Rosprirodnadzor announced that China is “vacuuming” Russia According to & nbsp; Indian Minister of Environment Bupender

Greta Thunberg was unhappy with the results of the climate conference in Glasgow

Ecoactivist Greta Thunberg on the results of the climate conference in Glasgow: blah, blah, blah Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP26) in Glasgow. She wrote about this on her Twitter account. Thunberg noted that COP26 is over, but the real work continues outside the conference rooms. “Here is a summary: Blah, blah, blah,” she said about the results of the event. In addition, the activist warned her associates that the media may receive positive assessments of the results of the conference. She stressed that it is worth fearing a “tsunami of green water.” The Washington Post clarifies that diplomats from nearly 200 countries have pledged to cut carbon emissions, ditch certain fossil fuels and increase aid to poor countries at the forefront of the fight against climate change. The Climate Conference should was held in Glasgow, Scotland from October 31 to November

Hackers hacked FBI email and sent letters from it

Bloomberg: hackers warned of a possible cyberattack by sending letters from the FBI mail Hackers hacked the e-mail of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), sending out tens of thousands of letters from it. Bloomberg reports. The incident took place on the morning of November 13. It is clarified that in the messages cybercriminals warned of a possible cyber attack.

Russian actress appreciated Buzova's theatrical talent

Tatyana Vasilieva called Buzova a mediocre actress This is reported by NTV. “When a mediocre one plays a mediocre one, this is a crazy house,” she assessed the level of the TV presenter's talent. On October 31, it became known about the cancellation of the performance with the participation of Buzova “Wonderful Georgian “, Which was to be shown at the Moscow Art Theater on November 2. Later, the singer, commenting on the cancellation of the performance with her participation, wished the theater that ticket sales for all performances were the same as for The Wonderful Georgian, and attached a screenshot from which it follows that all tickets for the production were sold out.

Putin said that the Russian Federation has nothing to do with the migration crisis on the border of Belarus and the EU

“I want everyone to know that we & nbsp; are absolutely not & nbsp; with & nbsp; than & raquo; & mdbsp; said the head of state in an & nbsp; interview with the host of the Moscow. Kremlin. Putin '' Pavel Zarubin. “Everyone is trying to & nbsp; us for & nbsp; any reason and & nbsp; generally without & nbsp; any & nbsp; any reason to impose any & nbsp; responsibility”, & nbsp; & mdash; stated the President. At the same time, he stressed that Russian airlines do not transport migrants who are on the border of Belarus and the EU. “ Neither & nbsp; one of our companies does not & nbsp; carries & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; assured & nbsp; he. Putin, referring to & nbsp; President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, noted that & nbsp; and & nbsp; Belarusian airline Belavia does not transport migrants.

A record for vaccination was recorded in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, 35,765 people were vaccinated from COVID-19 per day St. Petersburg has a record for vaccination against coronavirus. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the city health committee. In particular, on November 12, 35,765 people were vaccinated from COVID-19, of which 23,139 received the first component. This is a record high since the start of mass vaccination. Also over the past day, 5,432 residents over 60 years old were vaccinated. Earlier it was reported that in St. Petersburg the COVID-19 vaccine “KoviVac” ended. Its deliveries are not expected in the near future. As the deputy chairman of the city health committee Andrei Sarana said, this drug is produced at one plant, this factor is associated with a shortage of vaccines. On November 10, a decree on compulsory vaccinations for senior citizens of St. Petersburg was issued. It was signed by the chief sanitary doctor of

Russian “Zircon” called a problem for US ships

19FortyFive: Russian Zircon missile can bypass Aegis system Russian hypersonic anti-ship missile 3M22 military – the United States Naval Forces. 19FortyFive columnist Brent Eastwood called the advantages of the Russian ammunition. Eastwood noted that the Aegis Combat Information and Control System (BIS) provides protection for American ships. The complex allows you to detect and destroy enemy ammunition. According to him, the American system is effective against conventional missiles, but will not be able to intercept hypersonic ammunition. 19FortyFive stressed that Aegis requires eight to ten seconds to intercept. During this time, “Zircon” can cover a distance of 12 miles, which will not allow US missiles to hit the 3M22. According to Eastwood, Zircon is upsetting the military balance between Russia and the United States. In October, The Drive commented on surface and submarine launches of Zircon from the Severodvinsk submarine. The author of the material noted that the capabilities of

Zakharova criticized the West for unwillingness to help migrants in Belarus

Zakharova said that the West does not help migrants in Belarus, who were previously “lured” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova criticized Western countries for unwillingness to help migrants on the border of Poland and Belarus. She announced this on the air of the YouTube channel “Glavniy. Tour. ” Zakharova noted that the West first“ lured ”migrants into its thickets and thickets, and now turns away from them. She stressed that it is necessary to collectively organize assistance to migrants, and not engage in “political talk.” The Russian diplomat also wondered why, from decade to decade, various statements, conventions, agreements and other documents on human rights are being adopted. She added that in this case they are all “worthless.” Those who endlessly put this topic at the forefront no longer have the right to talk about this issue, Zakharova summed up. Earlier, the Belarusian authorities estimated the number of refugees

День в истории: 14 ноября

Всемирный день борьбы с диабетом Диабет — это серьезное хроническое заболевание, которое развивается, когда поджелудочная железа не вырабатывает достаточно инсулина или когда организм не может эффективно использовать выработанный им инсулин. По оценкам ООН, в 2014 году диабетом страдали 422 миллиона взрослых во всем мире по сравнению с 108 миллионами в 1980 году. Глобальный уровень заболеваемости диабетом почти удвоился с 1980 года, увеличившись с 4,7% до 8,5% среди взрослого населения. В 2012 году диабет стал причиной 1,5 миллиона смертельных случаев. Чтобы напомнить о проблеме, по инициативе ООН, начиная с 1991 года, отмечают Всемирный день борьбы с диабетом. Врачи напоминают, что диабет второго типа часто является результатом избыточного веса и отсутствия физической активности. Гибель «Черного принца» Легендарный британский фрегат «Принц» перевозил груз теплой одежды для британских солдат, участвовавших в Крымской войне. 14 ноября 1854 года во время сильнейшего шторма у берегов Балаклавы корабль не успел «спрятаться» в бухте, разбился о скалы и пошел на дно. Из 150 человек на борту выжили только шестеро. Журналисты нарекли корабль «Черным принцем», а искатели сокровищ уже 150 лет пытаются найти золото, которое якобы перевозил фрегат. Удалось найти всего несколько золотых пуговиц