Russia submitted documents to the EU for mutual recognition of COVID passports

Russia has submitted to the European Union documents for the mutual recognition of COVID passports Russia will soon submit an official application for recognition of the equivalence of its own and European COVIDs passports. This is reported by Izvestia with reference to the statement of the European Commission (EC). The department clarified that Moscow has already submitted the necessary documents to verify the technical compatibility of vaccination control systems in the European Union and Russia. In the center of them. N.F. The Gamaleys reported that WHO is likely to approve the Russian Sputnik V vaccine by the end of 2021, followed by a response from the European regulator (EMA). According to Fedot Tumusov, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Health Protection Committee There are several factors that prevent the EU from recognizing the Russian vaccine. “First of all, political and economic. Many do not want to see competitors in

The State Duma proposed to freeze the increase in utility bills during a pandemic

The Liberal Democratic Party proposed to introduce a moratorium on increasing payments for housing and communal services in 2022 Utilities in 2022 to ease the “crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic” for citizens. The text of the corresponding bill was published on the Telegram channel of one of the authors of the initiative, Yaroslav Nilov. In the document, LDPR deputies Yaroslav Nilov, Dmitry Svishchev, Alexey Didenko and Sergey Leonov propose to establish a moratorium on an increase in utility bills during the spread of the coronavirus. In their opinion, this will allow “to partially improve the situation with the real incomes of citizens.” expenses of citizens for housing and communal services have increased due to the lengthy stay at home. In addition, the deputies point to such problems as unemployment amid the pandemic, the annual rise in inflation and the increase in utility tariffs. < p> In 2020, State Duma

Nutritionist named life-shortening foods

Doctor Kononenko: it is worth excluding foods that are processed at high temperatures with Channel Five, she named life-shortening foods. The expert emphasized that a person can influence the glycation process. “Glycation is when excess glucose causes it to break down proteins in the body,” she explained. The specialist noted that the same process can occur in products when they are processed at high temperatures. According to her, the higher the temperature and the longer the cooking time, the more advanced glycation end products (AGEs) are formed. “AGE can be deposited in blood vessels, the brain and other parts of the body, causing various diseases that affect aging,” she said. Kononenko added that a boiled egg contains 63 units of CNG, a fried omelette – 600, and fried chicken with breadcrumbs – up to 10 thousand. According to her, no more than nine thousand units of glycation end products should

Factors affecting antibody production after COVID-19 vaccination named

Therapist Baranova: stress and poor nutrition affect the production of antibodies after vaccination TASS named a number of factors affecting the formation of an immune response after vaccination against COVID-19. She noted that the production of antibodies is an immune process, and its effectiveness depends on various factors. In particular, chronic diseases, the presence of current infections, vitamin deficiency, stress, poor-quality or insufficient nutrition, as well as poor ecology can slow down or reduce the effectiveness of this process. undergo a small examination before carrying out it, because not every “breakdown” will indicate a violation of the immune mechanisms. It is important to comprehensively assess the severity of chronic diseases, if any, to check the state of the body by blood tests, “the therapist advised. Baranova explained that signs of immunity disorders will be visible from the results of a simple general blood test. In addition, the doctor noted, the

Virologist explained the increase in the incidence of COVID-19 in Europe

Virologist Agranovsky explained the rise in the incidence of COVID-19 in Europe with the delta strain The reason for the increase in the incidence of COVID-19 in Europe is that the raging delta strain is more infectious and is only partially neutralized by antibodies that are produced in response to existing vaccines, even the best ones, Alexei Agranovsky, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor of the Department of Virology, Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University, explained to < p> This is due to the fact that vaccines were developed two years ago for the Wuhan strain, he noted, but stressed that “they cope very well, because mortality and the number of severe cases are falling, and we get sick less often if we get vaccinated.” According to Agranovsky, there is no need to invent vaccines against a new strain, since the existing ones cope well enough with the delta, and

The timing of the spread of unmanned vehicles in Russia

HSE specialist: unmanned vehicles in Russia will become a reality within 15 years a reality for 15 years. Such terms were named by Konstantin Trofimenko, director of the Center for Research on Transport Problems in Megalopolises of the Higher School of Economics (HSE). His words are quoted by the authors of the project “New Society” “Moscow is already thinking about this today, but not only Moscow. Large cities with a population of over one million will be able to afford it in some time, ”he said. According to the specialist, it is quite feasible financially, since in some cases it will not be necessary to replace the entire fleet, but to install additional modules. “Infrastructure will change, but this is a complete analogy to when cars appeared a hundred years ago. The cities were adapted for pedestrian traffic and cabbies. And then, when there were a lot of cars, reality

The PornHub star from Russia spoke about the dangers lurking in porn actresses

The most popular Russian woman in the PornHub rating, Eva Elfi, revealed the dangers on porn sites The most popular Russian woman in the PornHub rating Eva Elfie has listed dangers that lie in wait for porn actresses. She spoke about this in a big interview with “” as part of a large-scale special project “Algorithm. Who controls you? ” Elfi noted that one of the main problems that sex workers suffer from is the negative attitude of viewers towards them. According to her, she has repeatedly received offensive comments regarding her appearance. “Someone wrote that I need to lose weight, although I don’t consider myself fat … I had a complex because of the non-standard shape of my ears. Someone criticized my ears, said they were big. Now I am already calm about it, I even took a pseudonym for myself, but it was unpleasant before, “the Russian PornHub

A way to avoid the global economic crisis was revealed in Russia

FNEB Director Simonov on the crisis: it can be avoided without mixing energy and politics Avoiding the global economic crisis amid the energy crisis in Europe it is possible by stopping the confusion of energy and politics, which largely determines the climate agenda. This was announced by the director of the National Energy Security Fund (NESF) Konstantin Simonov, quoted by Rossiyskaya Gazeta. He recalled that the developed reserves on the ground are limited and concentrated in several countries. < p>According to Simonov, a rise in prices for almost all rare earth metals used in renewable energy, including lithium and cobalt, and the forced introduction of renewable energy sources (RES) can lead to a global crisis. If the forced introduction of renewable energy does not stop, the world may face “new rounds of the energy crisis, each of which will be stronger than the previous one.” Simonov explained that renewable energy

The condition for reading minds in the future is named

The founder of Genotek explained how people will be able to read minds in the future There is currently no technology that can read people's minds. However, in the future, special devices may appear that will be able to assess what a person is thinking. The conditions for this were named by Gennady Kovalenko, a representative of i-BrainTech, within the framework of the CyberReality project, to “Although mind reading in the usual sense of the word is impossible, neurotechnologies can record the bioelectrical activity of the brain. If a suitable mathematical apparatus appears that will decode this activity, we will be able to determine how a patient suffering from locked-in person syndrome reacts to certain stimuli – for example, to tablets with letters. This way we will be able to understand what a person who is deprived of the ability to speak and move is thinking about, “the specialist

US will deploy weapons of the future in Germany against Russia

The Drive: The US will host the Dark Eagle, Typhon and PrSM systems in Germany in Germany will have at its disposal a number of samples of the latest American weapons that are currently being created, writes The Drive. The publication recalls that during the Cold War, this formation was responsible for the MGM-31C Pershing II medium-range nuclear missiles, removed from arms after the signing by the United States and the USSR of the already terminated Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty). The Drive writes that the new weapons that the United States plans to deploy in Europe will be at a new technological level solve roughly the same tasks as the decommissioned missiles of the Cold War. The publication mentions, in particular, a promising Long-Range Hypersonic Weapon (LRHW) missile, dubbed Dark Eagle, a multifunctional Typhon system that allows launching a variety of missiles from a single installation, including the