New tax regime will be tested in Russia

Izvestia: Russia will test the automated taxation system in 2022 ASN. This was stated by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin, Izvestia writes. The new tax regime is a version of the simplified taxation system (STS). The authors of the initiative believe that its introduction will contribute to the development of microenterprises. It is assumed that it will become easier for them to interact with the state. In particular, the filing of tax returns for the participants of the experiment will be canceled, the tax will be calculated automatically based on the data of online cash desks and transactions on accounts. At the same time, the costs of tax reporting will be reduced, and resources will be directed to business development. To take part in the experiment, the company's income should be no more than 60 million rubles, the number of employees – no more than five.

Scientists have identified a category of people with special immunity to COVID-19

Scientists: health workers have a special immunity to COVID-19, thanks to the IFI27 protein covid “patients, special immunity to coronavirus, which cannot be determined through antibody tests. This is stated in a study published in the scientific journal Nature. They conducted a study of the immunity of about 60 employees of a clinic in the UK for the level of antibodies and latent infections. According to the results of the analyzes, it turned out that for four months their PCR tests were always negative, however, antibodies to coronavirus were not found in their blood, even if their colleagues in the clinic were infected with COVID-19. After examining the blood of the subjects, scientists determined that 20 of them had an increased concentration of T cells, and in 19 people they found an additional immune protein called IFI27. Theoretically, it may indicate that their body has previously been in contact with

Russia and the United States will send a joint mission to Venus

Roscosmos head Rogozin: Russia and the US will send a joint mission to Venus This was stated by the head of “Roscosmos” Dmitry Rogozin on the air of the program “Soloviev LIVE”, the broadcast was conducted on the YouTube channel Roscosmos Media. “We agreed with the Americans on a joint mission to Venus. Venus has traditionally been considered the Russian planet. It was the Soviet apparatus that landed there. But now we are going to put a mission there, it is called “Venera-D” – a joint Russian-American mission, “Rogozin said. He explained that this joint work will help to simplify this task from an economic point of view, technology and science. “Why is it joint with the Americans? Because it is very difficult. Here it is easier to solve such issues jointly, together, crossing the talents of our scientists, and at the same time it will be economically simpler, and

Russian cosmonaut spoke about faith in God and aliens

Russian cosmonaut Shkaplerov: I have not seen God and aliens, but I believe that they exist Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov said that he believes in God and the existence of aliens. He announced this on the air of the program “Soloviev LIVE”, the broadcast was conducted on Saturday, November 20, on the YouTube channel Roscosmos Media. “We have not seen the Lord God, but we are sure that he sees us, protects, that's for sure. I have not seen aliens, although I believe that they certainly exist. We cannot be alone in such an infinite space as the universe, “Shkaplerov said. Earlier, professor of theoretical physics at the City College of New York and renowned popularizer of science Michio Kaku said that establishing contact with a developed extraterrestrial civilization can be dangerous. According to the scientist, the chances that humanity in the not too distant future will find traces of

The President of Bulgaria considers Crimea to be Russian in terms of “political realities”

“There is no drama. The question is absolutely clear. The annexation of Crimea is a violation of international law, but, as I said last night, there are political realities, and & nbsp; at & nbsp; at the moment, Crimea is Russian & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; Radaev told reporters (quoted by & nbsp; btv). Kuleba said earlier that with his comment, the Bulgarian president “played along with Russian propaganda,” exposed the country to criticism of the European Union and “struck a blow to friendly Ukrainian-Bulgarian relations.” “; I will & nbsp; tell Rumen Radev what a drama is: if & nbsp; Russia attacked & nbsp; Bulgaria, grabbed a piece of territory and & nbsp; killed thousands of people & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; wrote the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on & nbsp; Twitter. Rumen Radev said earlier during the political debate that &

День в истории: 21 ноября

Всемирный день телевидения Этот международный день начали отмечать 21 ноября 1996 года по инициативе Генассамблеи ООН. Именно тогда состоялся первый Всемирный телевизионный форум. В ООН призвали мир обмениваться телевизионными программами для продвижения мира и развития. Сегодня конкуренцию телевидению составляет Интернет. Например, в 2019 году россияне в среднем за сутки смотрели телевизор на 17 минут меньше, чем годом ранее. По данным Mediascope, россияне старше четырех лет в 2019 году проводили у телевизора в среднем 3 часа 40 минут в сутки. Всемирный день приветствий В 1973 году братья Майкл и Брайен Маккомак в США придумали Всемирный день приветствий. Они разослали письма с радушными приветствиями во все уголки мира и попросили адресатов поприветствовать еще кого-нибудь, хотя бы десять человек. Идею, поданную в разгар холодной войны, во время конфликта между Египтом и Израилем, поддержали в более чем 180 странах. С тех пор ежегодно 21 ноября в мире отмечают День приветствий, чтобы напомнить: конфликты следует разрешать посредством общения, а не применения силы. Венчание Иоанна III Васильевича с Софией Палеолог 21 ноября 1472 года великий князь Московский Иоанн III Васильевич обвенчался с греческой царевной и племянницей последнего Византийского императора Софией Палеолог, бабушкой

Roscosmos specialists will develop a draft design of a new orbital station

Rogozin: Roscosmos specialists are developing a draft design for a new orbital station Roscosmos specialists have begun to develop a draft design for a new orbital station. This was announced by Dmitry Rogozin, General Director of the enterprise, on the air of the Soloviev LIVE program, broadcast on the Roscosmos Media YouTube channel. The task of performing the development was entrusted to the employees of RSC Energia. Rogozin noted that the new facility will be built using advanced technologies. “Literally this week, which is now ending, we instructed the Energia corporation to start developing a draft design of the Russian orbital service station,” he said Rogozin. On the air of the program, Rogozin also spoke about the development of anti-satellite weapons in Russia. “Anti-satellite weapons have been developed in Russia for a long time, there is no secret in this. It's just that the time has come when the Ministry

Rogozin spoke about the development of anti-satellite weapons in Russia

Roscosmos CEO Rogozin: Russia has been developing anti-satellite weapons for a long time Russia has long begun to develop anti-satellite weapons. He announced this on the air of the program “Soloviev LIVE”, the broadcast was conducted on the YouTube channel Roscosmos Media. “Anti-satellite weapons have been developed in Russia for a long time, there is no secret about this. It's just that the time has come when the Ministry of Defense conducted tests, “Rogozin said. He stressed that in modern conditions, anti-satellite weapons are an obvious thing that Russia must have in order to be able to defend itself. p> Earlier, the general director of Roscosmos also spoke about the concern of the state corporation due to the fact that the US and NATO are launching potential weapons carriers into space. “There is a topic that cannot but worry us, this is the topic of the militarization of outer space.

More than half of Russians wanted to take out a mortgage

Online-Ipoteka platform poll: 52 percent of Russians want to take out a mortgage More than half of Russians want to take out a mortgage keep within three to five million rubles. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to a study of the online-Ipoteka mortgage lending platform. According to the survey, 52 percent of respondents plan to take a mortgage loan. About 31 percent of the respondents are thinking about such a possibility, but have not yet decided on their plans. Another 17 percent of Russians do not consider taking out a mortgage. Among those who plan to buy housing on credit, 27 percent intend to do so within the next year, about 36 percent – in the next two to three years, and another 29 percent – within five years. Another eight percent of the respondents found it difficult to name the terms. 32 percent of future mortgagees

Бизнес предложил отменить часть антиковидных ограничений после ввода QR-кодов

«Предприниматели говорят, что с вводом QR-кодов необходимо снимать другие ограничения. К примеру, ограничения по времени работы, по проценту заполняемости кинотеатров, фитнес-центров и других заведений. Это логично, мы поддерживаем такое мнение. <…> Это предмет диалога и непосредственной работы с оперативным штабом в регионе», — отметил Калинин. Он добавил, что регулярно получает предложения от предпринимателей. Представители торговых центров, например, предлагают осуществлять проверку QR-кодов не на входе в ТЦ, а непосредственно в магазинах. «Торговые центры сейчас столкнулись с серьезными проблемами, которые необходимо решать. У них падает проходимость, от этого страдает и малый бизнес, который находится внутри торговых центров. Мы считаем, что должны быть не только федеральные меры поддержки торговым центрам и непродовольственной рознице, но и региональные», — указал глава «Опоры России». По его словам, речь, в частности, идет о льготах по налогу на имущество, «ведь налог на имущество не зависит от оборота». В организации также предложили выдавать QR-коды не только по результатам ПЦР-тестов, но и по экспресс-тестам на антиген, которые, по словам Калинина, «делаются быстрее и стоят дешевле». «У нашей организации позиция, что ограничения должны быть взвешенными, обоснованными. С другой стороны, бизнес должен понимать, что мы должны использовать проверенный международный опыт, чтобы остановить пандемию и победить общими усилиями», — отметил президент «Опоры России». Он указал, что в мире ничего «более понятного