Crew Dragon ship undocked from ISS

NASA: Manned Spacecraft Crew Dragon Undocks Successfully From ISS … Astronaut Kimbrow is in command of the crew. The broadcast was conducted by NASA. Before deorbiting, the spacecraft will fly around the station for the first time. To do this, after undocking, the spacecraft will move to a safe distance from the ISS – about 200 meters – after which it will fly around the International Space Station on its own thrust in autopilot mode to take photographs of the entire station outside. NASA stressed, that this will be done for the first time since 2011. The ability to circle the station was one of NASA's technical requirements for SpaceX for certification of the spacecraft. In September, NASA announced that the third and fourth missions to deliver people to the International Space Station (ISS) using the Crew Dragon spacecraft will be sent to near-earth orbit of American, European and Japanese

The Russians were told about the imminent changes in the labor market

Labor market expert Andrey Alyasov: remote work will become ubiquitous in 3-5 years in the labor market. Andrey Alyasov, an expert in the field of the labor market, founder and head of the platform for the development of young talents Changellenge, spoke about this within the framework of the New Society project. According to Alyasov, remote work will become a widespread trend in the next three to five years. “Some people will reject office work again, and not everyone will be able to afford it. So the percentage of telecommuters will be quite high, “he explained. Nikolay Yudin, an entrepreneur, founder and CTO of the company for the production of electric attachments for wheelchairs,” SupremeMotors “, said that in the future, Russians will more often work at foreign companies, while staying to live in their native country: “Now it doesn't matter where you sit – in Moscow or in Novy

Ukraine announced the need to put the Kremlin at the negotiating table

Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Vereshchuk: it is necessary to do everything for the Kremlin to sit down at the negotiating table Kiev needs to do everything in its power to bring the Kremlin to the negotiating table. This is reported by RIA Novosti. “Now our task, the Ukrainian side, is to do everything in our power so that the Kremlin, headed by Mr. (Russian President Vladimir – Note from, Putin sat down at the table negotiations “, – said Vereshchuk on the air of the TV channel” Dom “. In addition, the Deputy Prime Minister announced that she would visit Donbass “in the coming days.” Normandy format ”both at the level of ministers and at the level of heads of state. According to him, the Russian side allegedly “remains the only one responsible for the delay” of the talks. Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov replied

Ukraine worried about the construction of a Russian base in Sudan

Defense Express: Russian base in Sudan will affect shipping in the Suez Canal area … The appearance of the facility may affect shipping, according to the material of the Ukrainian information and consulting agency Defense Express. It is specified that the Commander-in-Chief of the Sudanese Armed Forces Abdel Fattah al-Burkhan announced the resumption of the construction of a naval base in the city of Port Sudan … The base is intended for ships of the Russian Navy. Defense Express noted with concern that the creation of a naval base in Sudan would allow the Russian fleet to influence shipping in the Suez Canal region. An agreement on the creation of a logistics center for the Navy was signed in 2020. The document provides for the free transfer of land for the construction of a Russian naval base. There can be no more than four ships at the same time, and

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry commented on Saakashvili's transfer from prison to hospital

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry called on Georgia to transfer Saakashvili to a civilian medical institution coordination with Kiev. This was reported on the website of the department. The Ministry handed over a corresponding note to the Foreign Ministry of Georgia. The ministry called on Tbilisi to immediately transfer the policy to a civilian medical institution, where he could be provided with appropriate assistance. It is noted that Saakashvili's continued stay in a penitentiary medical institution creates additional risks and tensions, “which can be avoided, guided by humanitarian considerations.” . Earlier on Monday, Saakashvili's mother said that he was taken by helicopter from the prison in Rustavi. After that, the Special Penitentiary Service said that the ex-president was transferred to a prison hospital in the Gldani district of Tbilisi “to avoid deteriorating health and due to the increased danger.” Mikhail Saakashvili was detained in Georgia on October 1 after that how

The Pentagon is concerned about the movements of the Russian military on the border with Ukraine

The Pentagon announced alarm over the movement of Russian military on the border with Ukraine Ukraine. This was stated by Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, reports TASS. “We continue to see the alarming movements of the Russian military in western Russia and near Ukraine. We urge them to make their intentions more understandable, “Kirby said. He added that he did not plan to comment on Moscow's possible plans to move Russian troops and disclose information from US intelligence services in this regard. < p> Earlier, the Pentagon said that NATO member states need to maintain a dialogue with Russia and China. According to General Mark Milli, Russia, the United States and China have become the new global centers of power. In this context, the Pentagon spokesman noted, the whole world is becoming tripolar and less stable than it was 40-50 years ago. At the same time, he said that the last

Energy harmless to the planet turned out to be hazardous to health

A European couple who suffered from wind turbines have sued 100 thousand euros for damage to health human health. Christelle and Luc Fokert, living in the south of France, suffered from a long stay near the turbines, proved this in court and received 100 thousand euros in damages. The Guardian writes about it. In 2008, wind turbines were installed 700 meters from the house of the spouses Sasu, Margnes Energie and Sasu Singladou Energie. Five years later, Europeans faced constant malaise – headaches and depression became more frequent, nausea, heart and sleep problems appeared. At first, the couple assumed that the deforestation had a negative effect on their health, but then they found out that it had been blown up by the neighborhood with six windmills – their blades made a loud noise, and the light blinked every two seconds. “We had to install ambient lighting to neutralize the flash

Ukraine has promised Russia a “clear signal” from the United States

Foreign Minister Kuleba: Ukraine and the United States will prove to Russia that Kiev has allies Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said that Kiev and Washington this week will send Russia a “clear signal” that will remind Russia that Ukraine has allies who, if Moscow “expands aggression”, will force the Russian authorities to pay a high price. RIA Novosti writes about this with reference to Kuleba's interview to the Ukraine TV channel. The head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said that Russia “continues to provoke and behave aggressively towards Ukraine.” He assured that in these conditions it is extremely important for Ukraine to send a signal that Kiev and Washington are “united in opposing Russia's aggressive actions.” “We have powerful allies and partners who are ready to force The Kremlin will pay a high price, “Kuleba said. Earlier, Kuleba said that Kiev was in favor of actively deepening maritime cooperation

The Ministry of Agriculture offered to zero duties on meat imports

For & nbsp; this amount, the department considers it necessary to zero the fee. Proposals & nbsp; have already been sent to the & nbsp; Ministry of Economics for & nbsp; assessment, the & nbsp; documents said. The Ministry of Agriculture recalled that & nbsp; earlier the EAEU changed the tariff preferences grid. Therefore, since & nbsp; October of this year, beef importers (mostly Latin America and & nbsp; India, which last year they imported 199.6 thousand tons of & nbsp; frozen products) at & nbsp; entering & nbsp; RF lost the opportunity to receive a discount on & nbsp; duty. Now it is at least 15%. Without & nbsp; discounts, products will rise in price for & nbsp; Russia & nbsp; & mdash; such costs will increase the price tag by almost & nbsp; 4% to the & nbsp; cost for & nbsp; imports from & nbsp; foreign countries.

The secret of the vitality of the largest car market in Russia has been revealed

The sellers of the largest car market in Russia give a guarantee for used cars The secret of the survivability of the largest car market in Russia lies in the fact that its sellers provide a one-year service guarantee for used cars and enjoy the trust of buyers. One of the most authoritative workers of the market, Alexander Kozlov, and the owner of a local auto repair shop, Ilya Vyalkov, spoke about trading in the Green Corner within the framework of the special project Russian Fast and Furious. According to Kozlov, sellers of used Japanese cars in the Green Corner market “Are not interested in” selling something fast. ” He said that people from all over Russia, including Siberia, Yakutia and Magadan, go to this car market for cars. They allegedly recognize only Japanese cars and say that they trust the sellers of the Green Corner with their lives, since