Virologist assesses the chance of emergence in Russia of the COVID-19 strain that is leaving vaccines

Virologist Agranovsky allowed the emergence in Russia of the COVID-19 strain that is leaving vaccines Russia may develop a strain of coronavirus that will have the ability to move away from existing vaccines. He stated this in an interview with The virologist noted that a new variant could arise in any country where there are many cases of COVID-19 infection. He stressed that it is very difficult to predict the properties of such a strain. For example, it can be a strain that is leaving vaccines, the expert explained. At the same time, Agranovsky noted that while the delta strain of the virus dominates, which creates an obstacle to the emergence of new variants. In addition, the specialist said that variations of the coronavirus appear constantly while viral replication occurs. “When large populations are infected, there is a higher chance of selecting those mutations that are beneficial to the

Non-working days ended in Moscow and Moscow region

Non-working days ended in Moscow Non-working days ended in Moscow and Moscow region. As reported on the official portal of the Moscow government, the decision not to extend it was made due to the fact that the situation related to the coronavirus pandemic has stabilized. However, a number of restrictions will continue to apply in the capital. In particular, preferential and free travel on public transport will be suspended for citizens observing the home regime. This group includes citizens with chronic diseases, Muscovites over 60 years old, as well as those who have not been vaccinated and have not had COVID-19 in the past six months. In addition, it will be possible to visit theaters and museums only upon presentation of a QR code. It is mandatory to show them, as well as to wear protective masks, at concerts, entertainment, cultural, entertainment, sports events where more than 500 people are

Iraqi prime minister spoke about assassination attempt

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazimi: I know who tried to kill me Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazimi commented on the attempt on himself. This is reported by RIA Novosti. According to him, he knows who tried to kill him using a drone with explosives directed at the residence. The prime minister noted that those who committed this crime will be prosecuted and exposed. He also stressed that the assassins of the officer of the Iraqi National Intelligence Service, Colonel Nebras Farman, who was injured in the attack, will be held accountable for their actions. Earlier, the Iraqi Interior Ministry called the attempted assassination of Mustafa al-Kazimi a terrorist act. The representative of the department emphasized that the attack was carried out using three unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), two of which were shot down. At the same time, the third drone hit al-Kazimi's house – as a result, several of the

Tourists come to Afghanistan for the first time since the Taliban came to power

Bakhtar: the first foreign tourists after the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan For the first time since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan ( members of the terrorist movement “Taliban”, banned in Russia ) foreign tourists arrived in the country. This was reported by the Bakhtar agency, RIA Novosti reports. As reported in the Department of Culture and Information of the Ghor province, two people visited local historical sights, including the Jam minaret. The citizenship of tourists who came to Afghanistan is not indicated. In September, a travel agent from Krasnoyarsk offered Russians individual and group trips to Afghanistan for 350 thousand rubles. The voucher price includes a 35-hour flight to Kabul with a transfer in Istanbul, accommodation in a five-star hotel with a swimming pool, visits to attractions and the services of a Russian-speaking guide. The Taliban announced the establishment of control over the entire territory of

Poland appreciated the pragmatism of Russians in artillery

Poland called the use of the 2S7M “Malka” guns an example of the pragmatism of the Russians Tulip “and the 203-mm heavy self-propelled guns 2S7M” Malka “, developed in the 1970s, are an example of the pragmatism of the Russians, writes the Polish edition of Defense24. ” The Russians are very pragmatic here. Having large stocks of unused ammunition and simple long-term artillery equipment, they decided not to take it out of service, but to try to adapt it to other realities and new tactics, “the publication says. field of teaching, writes that in Russia “they are doing everything possible to increase the accuracy of shooting and the speed of reaction to enemy actions.” Defense24 recalls that Orlan-10 drones were used to target the projectiles. In April 2020, TASS observer Dmitry Litovkin noted that Russian weapons deployed in the Leningrad and Kaliningrad regions have a range capable of penetrating the

Possible cause of explosion of a cafe in Aktau named

The explosion of a cafe in Aktau could have occurred due to a leak of a gas-air mixture, the authorities reported a possible cause of the explosion of a cafe in Kazakhstan's Aktau. According to him, this could have happened due to a leak of a gas-air mixture, TASS reports. As Abdikadyrov said, two gas cylinders were removed from the scene of the emergency. According to the owner of the establishment, two more gas cylinders, 50 liters each, are under the rubble. Earlier, the authorities reported that no one had applied to hospitals in connection with the explosion. According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the cafe was closed at the time of the explosion. The incident occurred on the evening of November 7, the moment of the explosion was recorded by video surveillance cameras. As a result, the building was completely destroyed. The cause of the explosion and the

Verstappen wins Mexican Grand Prix

Verstappen wins the Mexican Grand Prix, Hamilton is second … This was reported by the correspondent. Competitions within the Formula 1 season were held on Sunday, November 7th. Second place went to Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton, 16.555 seconds behind the Dutchman. The top three were closed by Verstappen's team-mate in Red Bull Sergio Perez. He lost 17.752 seconds to his partner. Russian Haas pilot Nikita Mazepin finished the competition in 18th place. He was three laps behind the winner. The victory in Mexico allowed Verstappen to bring the number of points scored during the season to 312.5. He extended his lead over second Hamilton (293.5 points). Mazepin is in the 20th position in the overall standings. The next Grand Prix will be held in Brazil. The competition will take place from November 12 to November 14.

Over 170 people poisoned by pizza in Armenia

In Yerevan, more than 170 people were admitted to hospitals after visiting pizzerias 171 people were admitted to hospitals in Yerevan with symptoms of food poisoning. This is reported by Interfax with reference to the country's Ministry of Health. All the victims said that before hospitalization, they visited pizzerias of the Tashir Pizza chain on Northern Avenue and Khanjyan Street in the Armenian capital. < p> RIA Novosti clarifies that 99 patients remain on inpatient treatment. On October 31, it became known about the mass poisoning of Russians in the hotel. A total of 29 tourists from Russia, 14 from Estonia and four from the Czech Republic were hospitalized. The investigation was taken up by the General Prosecutor's Office of Egypt. Were interviewed doctors, tourists who poisoned and hotel guests who also had dinner, but did not poison themselves.

In Belarus, told about the new military doctrine of Minsk and Moscow

General Staff of Belarus: the military doctrine of Minsk and Moscow does not imply the outbreak of war Union State. He stated this in an interview with STV TV channel, RIA Novosti reports. The King noted that neither Russia nor Belarus had ever been aggressors. He added that although both countries are ready to defend themselves, they will never unleash a war themselves and “will not go to conquer something there.” “Our armed forces were not created for this,” the deputy chief of the general staff stressed. At the same time, according to the military, certain preparations are being made on the part of the country's opponents on the border of Belarus. He said that the leaders of neighboring states are trying to distract their populations from the deepest crisis by inflating the topic of the difficult situation at the border and migration problems. Earlier it was reported that Russian

Belarus will receive the second batch of military equipment from Russia

Russia will supply Belarus with attack helicopters and the second batch of BTR-82A armored personnel carriers Belarus will receive the second batch of Russian armored personnel carriers an upgraded version of the BTR-80. First Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the country Igor Korol said this on the air of the STV TV channel, writes TASS. It is specified that the 6th mechanized brigade will receive military equipment from Russia in the coming month. In addition, by mid-2022, the Republic will also receive multipurpose attack helicopters, added the first deputy head of the General Staff. Earlier, the BTR-82A battalion set entered service with the 120th mechanized brigade, the Military Academy of Belarus and 72- th training center in Pecs. The Ministry of Defense of the republic noted that the rearmament of the republic's army is proceeding as planned and is aimed at replacing tracked armored