Providers wanted to raise prices for internet and television

Izvestia: prices for internet and TV in Russia are going to increase by 10% Internet, pay TV and other wired services could grow by an average of 10 percent. Izvestia writes about this with reference to the TelecomDaily agency. The publication clarifies that the calculations do not relate to the mobile communications market. Experts explained the rise in prices by inflation, an increase in equipment prices, the need to fulfill the requirements for storing Internet traffic of subscribers, as well as to provide users with free access to socially significant resources. It is noted that the rise in price will not be so strong, as in recent years. Previously, tariffs rose annually by 12-15 percent. At the end of October, the head of the Organization of People's Control in Housing and Utilities, Natalya Chernysheva, predicted an increase in the cost of housing and communal services in residential buildings. This will

Blinken urged Russia not to repeat the “mistake of 2014”

Blinken warned Russia against the “mistake of 2014” and accused it of provocations in Donbass US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken mistakes of 2014 “. He stated this during talks with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba in Washington, RIA Novosti reports. Blinken noted that Moscow could make a mistake and try again to repeat the same scenario when it accumulated strength from the Ukrainian border, crossed it and invaded the sovereign territory of Ukraine, while falsely claiming provocations. He stressed that all provocations come exclusively from Russia. All provocations that we see come from Russia, all these movements of troops that we see along the Ukrainian borders Anthony Blinken US Secretary of State In addition, Blinken thanked Kiev for “restraint” in this situation. He also added that there is no clear understanding of Moscow's intentions in Washington. Nevertheless, according to him, the American administration knows how Russia operates. Contradictory message

The girl got a temporary tattoo on her chest and could not get rid of it

The blogger wrote on her chest with henna “I love Stormzy” and could not wash off the drawing shared her subsequent bad experience. The video posted on TikTok was noticed in the Daily Mail. 19-year-old Emily Cook explained that she attended a concert of rapper Stormzy in August. Before the event, she paid 10 pounds (955 rubles) for the inscription I love Stormzy (“I love Stormzy”) on the body. The blogger attached a photo from the festival, in which the master applies the mentioned image to her chest. In the following frames, Cook stated that she could not wash the inscription off her skin. According to her, usually henna is removed within two weeks, but in this case, she was unable to get rid of the image even four months later. The publication went viral and received 342.6 thousand views and 21.7 thousand likes. Netizens began to share with Cook

Greta Thunberg asked to declare a top-level emergency due to climate

Thunberg urged the UN to declare a top-level global emergency climate crisis She announced this in her Twitter account. Together with her colleagues, she plans to contact the Secretary General of the world organization, Antonio Guterres. “We are submitting a legal petition to the UN Secretary General, urging him to declare the climate crisis a third level global emergency – the highest category of the UN,” the message says. Earlier, Greta Thunberg joined the protests in Glasgow and called on world leaders stop blah blah blah. In her opinion, politicians are only pretending to be serious about climate change and the future of humanity. No changes will follow after this summit, the eco-activist is sure. From October 31 to November 12, Glasgow is hosting the 26th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP26). In addition to formal negotiations, the conference

European Court of Human Rights asked Saakashvili to start eating

The ECHR refused to transfer Saakashvili to a private clinic and called for an end to the hunger strike The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) Saakashvili was transferred from a prison hospital to a private clinic and asked him to start eating. The head of the Ministry of Justice of the republic, Rati Bregadze, announced this on his Facebook. The Minister explained that Saakashvili's representatives appealed to the ECHR with a demand to immediately transport him to a private multidisciplinary civil clinic. They referred to the fact that in the prison hospital the prisoner could not be provided with safety and health properly. As a result, the Strasbourg court did not satisfy the plaintiff's demand and urged him to end the hunger strike. Also, the ECHR ordered the republican authorities to inform about Saakashvili's state of health and about all medical interventions carried out. On November 10, Saakashvili said

Lavrov will not be able to participate in the US-convened meeting of ministers on COVID-19

Zakharov: Lavrov's schedule did not allow him to take part in the meeting of ministers on COVID-19 Russia will not be able to take part in the virtual conference on the problem of combating the coronavirus pandemic, which takes place on November 10. This was stated by the official representative of the Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, whose words are quoted on the website of the Russian department. A meeting of foreign ministers on this issue was convened by the United States. However, Russia does not have information about the program and participants of the conference, Zakharova noted. She clarified that Moscow received the invitation at the end of October, when the schedule of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Sergei Lavrov, had already been drawn up. “Since the American side announced that it was not ready to include other persons other than foreign ministers in the number

Уволена с должности ректор РГСУ Наталья Починок

Хамров отметил, что Починок, которая в течение нескольких последних месяцев была отстранена от должности, написала заявление по собственному желанию. Тем не менее, он добавил, что не видел официального приказа Минобрнауки о расторжении контракта. По его словам, решение о том, кто будет временно исполняющим обязанности, пока не принято. Собеседник издания, близкий к российскому ведомству, также подтвердил, что Починок написала заявление и была уволена с поста ректора. Починок была отстранена от должности в конце июля после того, как в университете началась внеплановая проверка министерства из-за «жалоб студентов на обучение и проживание». Хамров тогда заявил, что Минобрнауки выявило недостатки в декларации о доходах бывшего ректора.

Остров в Новой Зеландии заволокло вулканическим туманом

Whakaari/White Island Update: Volcanic unrest continues, increased gas emission, steady active vent temperatures and lake level rise. Read the full bulletin here: — GeoNet (@geonet) November 9, 2021 Вулканический остров Уайт-Айленд в Новой Зеландии и окружающий его залив Пленти заволокло вогом — вулканическим смогом. Он появляется, когда активный вулкан выделяет газы и дым, которые затем взаимодействуют с водой. Она растворяет оксиды серы и оксиды азота, превращая их в кислоты. В результате окисления и фотохимических реакций создаётся кислотное облако с характерным неприятным запахом серы. Оно переносится ветром на большие расстояния и негативно влияет на природу и здоровье людей. Остров Уайт-Айленд — это вершина действующего стратовулкана, расположенного в 48 км от восточного побережья новозеландского острова Северный. Вог, по словам специалистов, наблюдают здесь не часто — примерно раз в десять лет, сообщает Daily Mail. В этот раз вог последовал за предупреждением сейсмологов о возможном извержении. В прошлый раз извержение на острове произошло 9 декабря 2019 года. Погибли 22 туриста — пассажиры круизного лайнера. Они попали в ловушку из-за извергающейся лавы. Уайт-Айленд является одним из самых посещаемых активных вулканов в мире и открыт для туристических поездок. Ежегодно остров посещают