Russian “Zircon” called a problem for US ships

19FortyFive: Russian Zircon missile can bypass Aegis system

Russian hypersonic anti-ship missile 3M22 military – the United States Naval Forces. 19FortyFive columnist Brent Eastwood called the advantages of the Russian ammunition.

Eastwood noted that the Aegis Combat Information and Control System (BIS) provides protection for American ships. The complex allows you to detect and destroy enemy ammunition. According to him, the American system is effective against conventional missiles, but will not be able to intercept hypersonic ammunition.

19FortyFive stressed that Aegis requires eight to ten seconds to intercept. During this time, “Zircon” can cover a distance of 12 miles, which will not allow US missiles to hit the 3M22. According to Eastwood, Zircon is upsetting the military balance between Russia and the United States.

In October, The Drive commented on surface and submarine launches of Zircon from the Severodvinsk submarine. The author of the material noted that the capabilities of the 3M22 are not clear.

In June, the US Missile Defense Agency published an animation showing the interception of a hypersonic missile unit. The mock enemy's ammunition was tracked by space surveillance equipment, and the interception was carried out by a destroyer equipped with the Aegis BIUS.