Belarus accused Poland of queuing up trucks at the border

Border Committee of Belarus: queues of trucks at the border are formed due to the fault of Poland caused by Poland's failure to comply with transport agreements, RIA Novosti reports, citing information from the State Border Committee. According to a representative of the department, the formation of queues at the Bobrovniki-Berestovitsa checkpoint is due to the fact that Poland issues a small number of trucks to exit. Berestovitsa, a Belarusian checkpoint, can admit up to 500 trucks per day and produce the same. “Over the past day, the Polish side, in violation of the existing agreements on the implementation of the capacity, issued only 268 trucks to leave Belarus. At the same time, during the same day, the Belarusian services issued 562 trucks entering the country, exceeding the regulatory capacity, “the border committee said. Since Tuesday, Poland has closed the Kuznitsa checkpoint across the border with Belarus in connection with

The FIU named a way to retire at 50

FIU: the retirement age for mothers with many children can be reduced to 50 years may retire early. The website of the Kabardino-Balkaria branch of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) is told about a way to reduce the retirement age by three to ten years. The fund said that women who have given birth to three children can retire on reaching 57 years old, a mother of four children – at 56 years old. At the same time, wives who have given birth to five or more children have the right to start receiving a pension at the age of 50. Earlier it was reported that the Russian authorities decided to simplify the procedure for receiving pensions for some categories of citizens. From 2023, survivor benefits will be awarded without an application. The Ministry of Labor said that according to the new rules, insurance pensions in case of loss

Another head of the Russian region went into self-isolation

Governor of the Novgorod region Nikitin left after the detected COVID from a relative from a relative. The head of the Russian region announced this in his Instagram account. “The disease is easily tolerated, since all family members are vaccinated,” he stressed. Nikitin noted that he has negative PCR tests, however, in accordance with the rules, he will observe isolation and work remotely. “If everything goes well, after consulting with doctors, I will make a decision to go to work,” he added. Earlier, the governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Mikhail Degtyarev left for self-isolation due to a case of coronavirus surrounded by him. Then he announced that he has a high titer of antibodies after revaccination, and that he will conduct meetings and meetings online from his residence.

Russian sambo wrestlers won three gold medals in a day at the World Cup

Sambo wrestlers Nikita Kletskov, Uali Kurzhev and Sheikh-Mansur Khabibulaev won gold at the World Cup day at the World SAMBO Championships in Uzbekistan. This was reported by the correspondent. Nikita Kletskov (in the weight category up to 71 kilograms) and Uali Kurzhev (up to 79 kilograms) won gold in sports sambo competitions. Silver was won by Sergei Ryabov, who competed in the weight category up to 88 kilograms. Anastasia Khomyachkova won the bronze medal among women. In combat sambo, Sheikh-Mansur Khabibulaev became the world champion. The Russian national team is leading in the medal standings of the world championship. Domestic sambists have won 13 medals: four gold, five silver and four bronze medals. The Russian team is ahead of Kahastan. The third place is taken by the national team of Uzbekistan. The World Championship is held in Tashkent. The tournament will run until November 14.

Vladimir Putin's address to the finalists of the Big Change competition. Full text

Dear friends! I am glad to welcome you to & nbsp; & laquo; Artek & raquo ;. For the second year in a row, he warmly and & nbsp; warmly welcomes the finalists of the All-Russian competition Big Change. I sincerely congratulate the winners of the competition. You & nbsp; brightly showed yourself, your abilities, the best personal qualities, brilliantly coped with & nbsp; all tasks. Well done! Of course, congratulations to all the finalists: you & nbsp; also achieved excellent results. Many of the & nbsp; & nbsp; you just barely & nbsp; had enough to & nbsp; victory, but & nbsp; the more interesting it will be to fight for & nbsp; it in & nbsp; next year. You & nbsp; worthily made your way to the & nbsp; top, and & nbsp; I do & nbsp; no doubt that & nbsp; each of & nbsp; you could

Vucic wanted to reach an understanding with Putin on the price of gas for Serbia

Serbian President Vucic hoped for an increase in gas supplies from Russia Vladimir Putin hopes to reach an understanding on the gas price. He announced this on the air of Soloviev Live. “I am sure that we will find a solution to three things concerning gas. This is the price of gas, this quantity, we need more and more gas, “he said. On October 10, Vucic, during a joint press conference with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, said that he had asked Putin for cheap gas for the lowest price in Europe, and also thanked Moscow for ensuring the energy security of his country. Earlier it became known that Belgrade and Moscow are negotiating a new long-term gas contract. This was stated by the head of the Russian-Serbian Intergovernmental Committee on Trade, Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation (IGC) Nenad Popovic. Gas talks continued on October 7 between Vucic and Russian

Vucic spoke about Putin as a teacher

Vucic said that he is learning a lot from Putin Serbian President Alexander Vucic said that he is learning a lot from Russian leader Vladimir Putin. He stated this on the air of Soloviev Live. According to him, Putin is the power of Russia. “He elevated Russia both politically and militarily, and, finally, in terms of the strength of economic stability and everything else,” the Serbian leader said. Vucic added that he can always hear a lot and learn a lot from him. Earlier, Vucic called Putin “the absolute king-maker.” He explained that he used this epithet, since the Russian leader can influence who and at what price to sell gas in Europe.

Kostya Tszyu chose the most important flag for himself

Former world boxing champion Kostya Tszyu: the USSR flag is more important to me than the Russian one Former boxing champion Kostya Tszyu admitted that feelings when he won under the flag of the USSR. The interview was published in RBC. 52-year-old Tszyu, holder of Russian and Australian citizenship, admitted his special feelings for the Soviet flag. “For some time I entered the ring under the flag of Russia and Australia. But then he stopped doing it. All the same, I left another country – the USSR. For me, the Soviet flag and the Russian tricolor have different values. What's more important? USSR flag. When you stand on the podium and the anthem of your country is played in your honor, it is very touching, ”he said. In the same interview, Tszyu shared his opinion on the reasons for the unpopularity of purchasing paid sports broadcasts in Russia. He attributed

Serbia spoke about the crisis on the border of Belarus and Poland

Serbian President Vucic: I hope that relations between Belarus, Poland and Lithuania will get better Serbian President Alexander Vucic in an interview for YouTube channel “Soloviev.Live” commented on the current situation with refugees on the border of Belarus and Poland. The Serbian leader noted that migrants are victims of conflicts existing in their countries. He also expressed hope that this crisis will be resolved peacefully, and relations between Belarus, Poland and Lithuania will become better. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko spoke on the issue of financing refugees. He stated that he did not participate in the financing of migrant flows. This is how he responded to the accusations. According to him, the Americans “blurted it out” and then “forgot what they said.”

Помощник президента России Фурсенко высказался о ЕГЭ

«ЕГЭ — это не способ выявить единственного талантливого человека, это некий уровень вступительных испытаний, билет, где человек демонстрирует возможность учиться дальше… Сегодня это совсем не угадайка. Это просто письменная работа. Как любая работа, которая носит широкий характер, она имеет свои плюсы и минусы», — сказал Фурсенко, слова которого цитирует «РИА Новости». Также он отметил, что ЕГЭ совершенствуется. Помощник президента считает, что это «не самый сложный экзамен», который позволяет человеку учиться дальше, потому что избавляет от субъективности оценки. 11 ноября сообщалось, что Министерство просвещения России готовится к проведению ЕГЭ в очном формате в 2022 году. Ранее, 14 октября, руководитель Федеральной службы по надзору в сфере образования и науки Анзор Музаев сообщил, что Рособрнадзор планирует вернуть сдачу ЕГЭ по базовой математике как обязательного предмета для планирующих получить аттестат. 1 октября стало известно, что ЕГЭ в России в следующем году пройдет с 21 марта по 2 июля. 23 сентября в Рособрнадзоре назвали полный отказ от аттестации в формате единого государственного экзамена необоснованным. По мнению экспертов, это может привести к понижению качества образования, поскольку единые подходы и процедуры, организованные на федеральном уровне, мотивируют школьников к обучению. 13 сентября Музаев заявил, что экзамены пройдут в допандемийном формате, если