In Croatia, the Russian team was called “Karpino anti-Axis”

Croatian media called Russian football players “Karpino anti-axers” The article is available on the website of the publication.

In the article, the author claims that only ten percent of Russian fans believe in the victory of their team in the decisive qualifying match against Croatia.

Also in the title of the article of the Russian national team players were called “Karpino anti-axers”. The author used the joking answer of the head coach of the national team Valery Karpin to the question of why some of the team's players were not vaccinated against the coronavirus. “Anti-takers probably,” Karpin said then.

The match between Russia and Croatia will be held in Split on November 14th. The Russian national team is leading in the standings of Group H. However, the Croats can get ahead of Karpin's charges. To do this, they need to win a home match. It will allow the Croats to advance to the 2022 World Cup directly, bypassing the playoff stage.