The richest man in the world complained about the complexity earn to spend

The richest man in the world complained about the complexity earn to spend The founder and the main shareholder of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, which is considered the richest man in the world, admitted that it’s hard to think of a way to spend money than to earn them. The words of billionaires on Wednesday, may 2, publishes Business Insider. He told that to dispose of the available financial resources “is not as easy as it seems.” The only way to dispose of the state to re-invest earned money in other companies and to “bet big”. According to the journalists, each year, the Bezos spends about $1 billion in funding, the company Blue Origin, engaged in the development of the spacecraft. April 20, Time magazine published its ranking of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2018. Among them was tennis player Roger Federer, Oprah Winfrey, founder of Tesla

Guards johnny Depp sued him in court

Guards johnny Depp sued him in court MOSCOW, may 2 — RIA Novosti. The bodyguards of johnny Depp Eugene Arbeloa and Miguel Sanchez filed for him in court. It is reported portal TMZ. The men were employed at the beginning of 2016. According to them, after they joined the home guard, the actor began to exploit them and put in a compromising position. They said that they had to drive a car in which Depp was carrying drugs and alcohol, watch out for unstable members of his team, to sit with his children and even to protect the celebrity from himself when he behaved inappropriately. As an example, Arbeloa and Sanchez said that they had to warn Depp after Hiking to a night club that “his face still had traces of banned substances”, so that no one noticed what state was the actor. As guards noted that Depp did not

Rowling apologized to the fans for the death of Dobby the elf

Rowling apologized to the fans for the death of Dobby the elf Author of books about the wizard Harry Potter, British author JK Rowling has apologized for the death of house elf Dobby. She wrote about this in his microblog on Twitter. On the anniversary of the battle of Hogwarts (may 2) — the final confrontation between the main characters of the Saga and supporters Volan de mort is a writer traditionally in the social network apologizes to the fans for the death of a character. Again came the anniversary. This year I apologize for the death of a character who died during the Battle for Hogwarts, but gave his life for the salvation of the people who won it. Of course, I’m talking about the house elf Dobby.JK Rowling Last year the writer apologized for the death of the Professor of potions Severus Snape, and in 2016 — for

Five people were killed in the crash of a military plane in Georgia

Five people were killed in the crash of a military plane in Georgia The aircraft fell shortly after taking off from Savannah international airport on the side of the highway. Moscow. May 2. INTERFAX.RU — a Military transport plane C-130 crashed near the airport in Georgia, at least five people were killed, according to Wednesday reports Fox News. All, according to unconfirmed reports, on Board were nine people. The aircraft of the air National guard of the United States caught fire almost immediately after departure from the international Savannah international airport, falls from the sky, gaining altitude. He was performing a training flight. We now know nine crew members were on board; still 2 confirmed dead. #C130 #C130crash @AirNatlGuard — WTOC Jamie Ertle (@wtocjamie) 2 may 2018. In the area of the disaster blocked roads and rail links; the witnesses thought that the ship could fall on the

Kumirova win

Kumirova win As the street became Nikol Pashinian expensive in the premiere. Armenia joined on Wednesday the decisive phase of the revolution. The protests have acquired unprecedented scale: people once paralyzed traffic throughout the country. The current government does not control neither the country nor the situation. However, her opponents power and control only the street. However, on may 8 the opposition leader Nikol Pashinian could occupy the post of Prime Minister. With details from Yerevan — the special correspondent of “Kommersant” Vladimir Solovyov. Barbecue revolution Early in the morning on may 2, Yerevan turned into a pedestrian zone. Poured into the streets tens of thousands of people, and the intersections of the city turned into a dance floor. At the pedestrian Zebra, blocked by cars or trash cans the streets to the music of the radio danced by adults, students, pupils, their teachers and even preschoolers. The protest became

The congressmen asked the Nobel Committee to give Trump the award

The congressmen asked the Nobel Committee to give Trump the award WASHINGTON, may 2 — RIA Novosti. A group of 18 members of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress, representing the Republican party, officially asked the Nobel Committee initiative to honor U.S. President Donald trump peace prize for his efforts to resolve the DPRK nuclear issue. “Since taking office, the President trump has worked tirelessly to exert maximum pressure on North Korea to cease its illegal program of weapons (of mass destruction) and to bring peace to the region,” — said in a published letter to the congressmen. “Despite the fact that North Korea decades ignores the demands of the international community to stop its aggressive (actions), the policy of President trump “peace through strength” works and brings peace on the Korean Peninsula. We believe that no one is worthy of recognition (Nobel) Committee in 2019 than President

The military budget began to decline

The military budget began to decline Reduction in Russian defence spending was the largest in the world in 2017. Russia’s spending on arms has declined in 2017 by 20%, which in absolute terms was most significant decline in the world. This is stated in a new report by the Stockholm Institute for peace studies (SIPRI). The decrease in expenses of Moscow on arms is due to planned reductions in this area, and with the fall of the ruble. Overall defence spending in the world increased by 2.2%. The main contribution made by China, Saudi Arabia, India and other Asian States. Most active in relative terms militarized bordering Russia beginners of the European Union. Romania, for example, has increased its military budget by 50%. According to SIPRI, military expenses of Moscow in 2017 fell for the first time in 19 years (since 1998) and 20% ($13.9 billion), to $66.3 billion Thus,

Recognition of sex-addict: “Five times a day wasn’t enough for me”

Recognition of sex-addict: “Five times a day wasn’t enough for me” Is sex addiction a disorder? From the experts opinions on this subject differ, but the two sex-addict talk about their personal, difficult experience. “In the worst days, even five times a day to have sex wasn’t enough,” admits the mother of three children, 37-year-old Rebecca Barker, talking about his irresistible sexual attraction four years ago completely taken possession of her life and destroyed the relationship with a loved one. This passion compelled her to constantly demand sex from her then-common law husband. “It was literally the first thing I thought waking up in the morning, it was absolutely persistently, says Rebecca. — It seemed to me that everything reminds me about it. I think this was due to my depression and lack of serotonin. It’s like my body only craved it.” “Sex on the moment gave me strength, but

May 2 is world tuna day

May 2 is world tuna day May 2 — not only moved from winter break day off, but a veritable feast. On this date in the world recently celebrating the day of the tuna. About why this fauna has received his holiday, how to celebrate this day and any other holidays in honor of fish exist in the world — read in the material “Газеты.Ru”. Tuna is one of the most famous and popular fish that is eaten. Its even on a par with salmon called sea chicken, compared with chicken meat as the most popular among other birds. On average an adult tuna weighing 60-70 kg and reaches 1.5−2 meters in length. The largest specimen among was was caught in Japan: the fish weighed 684 kg, and its length was 4.6 meters. And in January 2013 in Japan caught a tuna weighing 222 kg. sold It at auction for

In new York 80-m to year of life has died the singer Vadim Mulerman

In new York 80-m to year of life has died the singer Vadim Mulerman NEW YORK, may 2. /Offset. TASS Natalia Slavina/. Popular during the Soviet singer Vadim Mulerman died in new York on 80-m to year of life. Cause of death was cancer, said Wednesday in an interview with TASS, the singer, a close friend and colleague Mulerman on stage Nina Brodskaya living in new York. “He died, he suffered from cancer,” said Brodskaya. According to her, will soon be aware of the date and place of the funeral of Vadim Mulerman. In recent years he lived in new York, in Brooklyn. “We were friends since 1967, talked, we — colleagues — said Brodskaya. I am very, terribly sorry for him as a human”. “He was a beautiful singer with a gorgeous voice data, he always had a very good repertoire, with which he copes. And he enjoyed great