Gal gadot refused to become the leading Eurovision-2019

Gal gadot refused to become the leading Eurovision-2019 According to the actress, all because of a busy schedule. Israeli actress, who played a major role in the movie “Wonder woman” refused an official offer to hold a “Eurovision” which will take place in 2019 in Jerusalem. Newsof”Eurovision 2018″: the winner and the most vivid images of the participants His refusal Gal gadot argued that she has a tight work schedule. The actress explained that would be happy to hold “Eurovision-2019”, but this could interfere with the treaties it has concluded earlier, the newspaper writes Ynetnews. Yigal Ravid, host of “Eurovision-1999”, after the public failure of the actress, asked Gal gadot mind. According to him, “Eurovision” in Jerusalem will be a bright and unforgettable event. Ravid also said that the leading role of “Eurovision-2019” could increase the popularity of Gadot. During the contest this year the actress was rooting for the

Buffalo raised lion on the horn, saving the lizard

Buffalo raised lion on the horn, saving the lizard MOSCOW, may 30 — RIA Novosti. Visitors of the National Park Kruger Park in South Africa filmed a Buffalo at the last stroke the lizard at the young lion. The video posted on the Kruger Sightings channel on Youtube. The cub was carrying prey, when he noticed a large bull. He immediately jumped to the scene, knocked the predator to the ground and knocked the lizard out of his mouth. During the download an error has occurred. After that, the Buffalo butted the lion with his horns so that he several times turned over in air and then fled. Then the bull stood over the reptile, protecting it from the attacks of other lions nearby.

Disney closed favorite show trump for racism

Disney closed favorite show trump for racism The American television network ABC (owned by The Walt Disney Company) announced the closing of the sitcom “Roseanne.” The reason was the statement of the Creator of the show Roseanna Barr, who compared the former Advisor and friend of Barack Obama with a monkey. According to “”, this show was much loved by US President Donald trump. He was personally congratulated by the Barrel with the opening of the show and high ratings. On his Twitter page Barr wrote unflattering comments about the former counselor of Obama’s African origin. If the Islamist movement “Muslim brotherhood” and “planet of the apes was a child, it would be Jarrett.Roseanne Barr Barr was immediately criticized, as her statement was considered racist. The actress deleted the tweet and apologized. I apologize to Valerie Jarrett and to all Americans. I am truly sorry for making a bad joke

The Board of SF pointed out the systematic intervention from abroad in electoral processes in Russia

Chairman of the interim Commission of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation on the protection of state sovereignty and prevent interference in the internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Andrey Klimov © Nikolay Galkin/TASS MOSCOW, may 30. /TASS/. Interim Commission of the Federation Council for the protection of state sovereignty presented on Wednesday a special report on the attempts of foreign interference in the process of preparation and holding of presidential elections in 2018. According to the authors of the report, these attempts represent “a massive attack on the Russian electoral sovereignty” and aim “to undermine the stability of the domestic political system to exert external influence on domestic and foreign policy of the Russian Federation, the composition of the authorities of the country.” According to the head of the Commission Andrei Klimau, a report prepared on the basis of “proven facts”, allows you to talk about the existence

Tourism, village and casino: what made Alexander Karlin as Governor

Altai territory Governor Alexander Karlin © Oleg Bogdanov/TASS Alexander Karlin is a native of the Altai territory, has long worked in the Prosecutor’s office of the region. In 2000, he became Deputy Minister of justice of the Russian Federation, then worked in presidential administration of the Russian Federation — head of the Directorate of state service. From there, Karlin and moved to the position of Governor of the Altai territory. Its predecessor was the actor Mikhail Evdokimov, confidently won the gubernatorial election in 2004 and after a year died in a car accident. Karlin experts call a competent Manager who did a lot in terms of the development of agriculture and tourism. When in the region has increased livestock numbers, was created and developed resorts and Altaic program of improvement of the village has become a model for similar Federal. At the same time, Carlin has not solved many social

Russian foreign Ministry: Moscow believes that Kiev will develop a provocation with the “assassination” Babchenko

The building of the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation © Roman Canasuc/TASS MOSCOW, may 30. /TASS/. The security service of Ukraine (SBU) will develop anti-Russian provocation with the “assassination” of a journalist Arkady Babchenko for subsequent accusations against Moscow. This is stated in a statement on Wednesday the comments of the Russian foreign Ministry.

As developed in the case of William Browder

As developed in the case of William Browder May 30, police arrested in Spain of the founder of Hermitage Capital of William Browder. As developed in criminal prosecution — in reference “b”. In 1996 William Browder was the head of the Fund Hermitage Capital Management, which became one of the largest foreign investors in Russia. In November 2005 , the Russian visa of Mr Browder for an unnamed reason, was cancelled. In June 2007 , the office of tax crimes of the Moscow police opened a case against Hermitage-related structures. 2 APR 2008 of the year “Kommersant” it became known that William Browder and the Manager of the branch Fund of the Russian Federation Ivan Cherkasov in absentia brought accusations of tax evasion, they were put on the Federal wanted list. The damage from their actions was assessed by the investigators more than 4 billion rubles on November 26 of

Matvienko said that Russia is ready to support the family Babchenko

Matvienko said that Russia is ready to support the family Babchenko Moscow. May 30. INTERFAX.RU — Russia is ready to support the victim’s family in Kiev, journalist Arkady Babchenko, said the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko. “I want to Express my condolences to Arkady Arkadievich Babchenko. No matter what political position he may hold, no matter how he belonged to Russia, but this man, who at one time fought for it. This is the man who left six children, and Russia is ready to provide assistance and support to his family,” said Matvienko reporters on Wednesday, commenting on the murder Babchenko. She noted that this case is not the first in Ukraine. “The killing of journalists, persecution of journalists, explosions journalists — Ukraine increasingly reinforces its status as a country where journalists work dangerous,” — said Matvienko. According to Matvienko, “the capital of Ukraine essentially became a “hot

The Kremlin has condemned the murder of the journalist Babchenko in Kiev

The Kremlin has condemned the murder of the journalist Babchenko in Kiev Moscow. May 30. INTERFAX.RU — IN the Kremlin condemned the killing in Kiev Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko and called on the international community to firmly respond to the conditions in Ukraine are the representatives of the media. 13фотографий13фотографий13фотографий “The tragedy occurred, was killed a Russian citizen, had a large family which lost its breadwinner. We condole with relatives and friends,” said on Wednesday the press-Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. We strongly condemn this murder. Hope for the present, not ostentatious investigation to identify those behind this murder is.Dmitry Peskov Press Secretary of Vladimir Putin drew attention to the fact that “in recent years Ukraine has, unfortunately, become a very dangerous place for journalists”. “We know that it killed many people, killed many journalists, journalists expelled from the country, journalists for journalism, throw into prison,” — said Peskov.

Germany has urged Ukraine not to criticize the “Nord stream-2”

Germany has urged Ukraine not to criticize the “Nord stream-2” Kiev should stop criticizing Berlin for his participation in the project “Northern stream-2”. This was stated by the President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier. “You don’t have to accuse us, he said at a press briefing in Kyiv. Even if we are talking about the “Nord stream-2″, we speak also about the future and security of Ukraine”. According to Steinmeier, Berlin is working to ensure the transit of gas through Ukrainian territory. “For this the negotiations with the European Union, I hope they will bring results”, — said the President of Germany. “Nord stream-2” involves the construction of two pipelines from Russia through the Baltic sea to Germany. The Kremlin has repeatedly called on not to politicize this issue. According to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, Moscow refers to the “Nord stream-2” only as an economic project.