“You know how a bold tongue!”

“You know how a bold tongue!” As it became known””, on Saturday in the centre of Stavropol, was attacked in the region known journalist and political analyst Anton Cablin. The attack was made by two unknown men. In the attack Mr Chaplin appealed to the October district police station and personally to the head of the Stavropol police Department Alexander Aldaco, demanding to initiate a criminal case on charges of obstruction of journalistic activities. The attack occurred on may 26, about 22 hours directly on the Avenue of Karl Marx — practically in the city centre. Anton Calina and his wife caught up with two unknown. One of them, according to the journalist, called to him: “Anton! You know, like a tongue to dissolve!” and tried to punch in the face. As noted by Mr. Chaplin, appearance of the assailants was similar to the “local bullies”. The journalist said that

Date called direct line with Vladimir Putin

Date called direct line with Vladimir Putin MOSCOW, may 27 — RIA Novosti. Direct line with President of Russia Vladimir Putin will take place on Thursday 7 June, the President will answer questions from citizens, which can be set through the app and social network, reported the press service of the Kremlin. “The seventh of June 2018 at 12.00 Moscow time on air of TV channels “the First” “Russia 1” “Russia 24”, “OTR”, radio stations “Mayak”, “Vesti FM” and “Radio of Russia” will be an annual special program “Direct line with Vladimir Putin”. The head of state will answer questions of citizens on socio-political and socio-economic life of the country and the international situation”, — stated in the message. As noted, ask questions by calling, sending an SMS or MMS message, or via the program website or dedicated mobile app. References to “Straight line” is also taken from user social

Trump loves Putin said Snowden

Trump loves Putin said Snowden MOSCOW, may 27 — RIA Novosti. Nobody loves Russian President Vladimir Putin, his American counterpart, Donald trump, said the former CIA and NSA Edward Snowden. In this case, said the ex-spy, the Americans “should not hope” that spectracolor Robert Mueller can prove the “communication” trump with Moscow, which deny both in the Kremlin and in the White house. “No one in the world loves Putin as trump. But I think that people want too much, hoping that the Mueller investigation will find the evidence against the tramp”, — quotes the words of Snowden Huffington Post. He also doubted that the Russian authorities could “recruit” US President. “Honestly, anyone who heard trump talking for three minutes, knows that it is a dead issue. It’s not like a man like he, would like to use in the challenging role of “mishandled Cossack”, when he can’t even remember

The media has accused British MP in the enrichment at the expense of investments in close to the Kremlin company

The media has accused British MP in the enrichment at the expense of investments in close to the Kremlin company Moscow. May 27. INTERFAX.RU — Member of the British Parliament, founder of investment firm Somerset Capital Management (SCM) Jacob Rees-Mogg made a fortune by investing in Russian companies associated with the Kremlin, writes in the Sunday Daily Mail. According to the newspaper, SCM, in particular, acquired the shares at least two Russian companies listed in the black list of the USA and some other under the control of oligarchs close to Russian President Vladimir Putin. In total, the Russian assets of the company amount to 217 million pounds (almost $300 million). In particular, according to Daily Mail, the SCM has invested 84 million pounds ($112 million) in “Yandex”, 44.5 million pounds ($59 million) in savings, 16 million pounds ($21 mln) to LUKOIL, 16.7 million pounds ($22.3 million) in “NOVATEK” and

Scientists told how to avoid cancer

Scientists told how to avoid cancer MOSCOW, may 27 — RIA Novosti. Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle will help to prevent the emergence of malignant tumors, according to experts of the world cancer research Fund in a new report. Scientists have found out that obesity contributes to the development of 12 types of cancer. According to their findings, excess body mass is associated with cancer of the liver, ovaries, prostate, stomach, oral cavity and pharynx, colon, breast, gallbladder, kidney, esophagus, pancreas and uterus. The report presents a number of recommendations for avoiding the development of malignant tumors. According to the researchers, it is necessary to maintain a high level of physical activity, a diet with a high content of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes. In addition, it is important to limit the consumption of fatty foods, fast food, polufabrikatov, red meat and sugar. Experts also suggest to abstain

Kim Jong-UN expressed his “firm intention” to meet with trump

Kim Jong-UN expressed his “firm intention” to meet with trump Moscow. May 27. INTERFAX.RU — North Korean Leader Kim Jong-UN during a sudden to the public a meeting with his South Korean roommate moon Jae Another declared that firmly intends to hold a summit with US President Donald trump, despite the fact that the last several days earlier, cancelled it, informs on Sunday, the news Agency “Yonhap”. 9фотографий9фотографий9фотографий “Kim Jong-UN thanked moon Jae-Iina for his efforts to prepare the summit between the DPRK and the United States scheduled for June 12, and expressed his firm intention to hold this historic meeting”, — said the KCNA (the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea), quoted by Yonhap. Last Thursday published a letter from trump to the North Korean leader, in which the US President has blamed Kim Jong-UN in “the extraordinary anger and open hostility” due to the fact that Pyongyang has threatened

In Georgia, called estimated date of entry into NATO

In Georgia, called estimated date of entry into NATO TBILISI, may 26 — RIA Novosti. Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Kvirikashvili said on Saturday that he hoped the country’s accession to NATO by 2021. Earlier expected date of Georgia’s joining the Alliance was not called. According to him, the Georgian side expresses hope that the international community, in particular the North Atlantic Alliance, “will find the strength to pursue the consolidation of this important decision.” The Prime Minister said that NATO membership represents the importance based on the need to strengthen the security of the country. “Georgia is working hard every day to become a member of European and Euro-Atlantic community”, he added. Earlier, Russia expressed concern about the deepening of cooperation of Georgia with NATO. As noted in the foreign Ministry, Moscow has the right to take adequate measures to strengthen security of the country. In the middle of

Japan decided to “put an end” in the peace Treaty with Russia

Japan decided to “put an end” in the peace Treaty with Russia Prime Minister Shinzo Abe expects to resolve the issue of concluding a peace Treaty with Russia during the life of the current generation. He said this after talks with Vladimir Putin, reports RIA Novosti. “The question of a peace Treaty is not signed for more than 70 years, is not easy to solve, but in our generation we want to put an end to this problem. This is the main objective of our plan,” said Abe. Putin proposed to patiently look for a solution that meets the interests of Russia and Japan. Earlier, the Russian leader said that the peace agreement may be concluded through the conduct of joint economic activities on the Islands of the South Kuril Islands and with the development of bilateral relations. The peace Treaty between Russia and Japan have not signed in for

A fight between two leopards caught on video

A fight between two leopards caught on video MOSCOW, may 27 — RIA Novosti. In the Internet appeared the video, which depicted a fight between two leopards. The video published on the YouTube channel Wildlife Sightings. The record shows as locked predators popping up on the road and alternately strikes. The leopards without a stop lashing out at each other, trying to get rid of the opponent. The video also got the time predator hunting, winning in a fight with a kinsman: he crept to the sleeping Buffalo and sharply dug into it. Having tumbled down the victim on the ground, the leopard rushed to drag the prey to a tree, while the other buffaloes did not notice the loss. During the download an error has occurred.

In the Kirov region eliminated three “cash in” offices with a turnover of one billion rubles

In the Kirov region eliminated three “cash in” offices with a turnover of one billion rubles In the Kirov region employees of the Prosecutor’s office failed to suppress the activities of several offices on illegal cashing in of money turnover was hundreds of millions of rubles. This was announced during the coordination meeting of heads of law enforcement and regulatory authorities of the region. The meeting discussed issues of efficiency of work and interagency cooperation between law enforcement agencies in identifying, disclosing and investigation of crimes related to the legalization of illegal revenues and assets obtained by criminal means. According to prosecutors, worked out algorithm of interaction allowed in 2017-2018 to eliminate the three “encasement” of the site that transferred more than 1 billion rubles. in addition, improved identification of shell companies and criminal prosecution of persons involved in their registration. Suppressed the activity of criminal group which carried out