Trump loves Putin said Snowden

Trump loves Putin said Snowden

MOSCOW, may 27 — RIA Novosti. Nobody loves Russian President Vladimir Putin, his American counterpart, Donald trump, said the former CIA and NSA Edward Snowden.

In this case, said the ex-spy, the Americans “should not hope” that spectracolor Robert Mueller can prove the “communication” trump with Moscow, which deny both in the Kremlin and in the White house.

“No one in the world loves Putin as trump. But I think that people want too much, hoping that the Mueller investigation will find the evidence against the tramp”, — quotes the words of Snowden Huffington Post.

He also doubted that the Russian authorities could “recruit” US President.

“Honestly, anyone who heard trump talking for three minutes, knows that it is a dead issue. It’s not like a man like he, would like to use in the challenging role of “mishandled Cossack”, when he can’t even remember what he was going to say at the end of the sentence”, — said the ex-spy.

However, according to Snowden, this does not mean that the American leader did not want to cooperate with Russia.

The investigation of alleged Russian interference in the presidential election in the United States, as well as alleged links trump with Russia that contradict the White house and the Kremlin, conducted independent special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, as well as in the us Congress. Press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov called allegations of meddling in the election “completely unfounded”.

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Even Donald trump.

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