The mayor of Gdansk refused to dekommunizirovat street

Pavel Adamovich

The Polish mayor of Gdansk Pavel Adamovich said that it will not rename the streets of the city in the framework of the law on decommunization. It is reported by Polsat.

“I’m not going to take any action. I have a very critical view on this matter. It seems to me that this violates the principle of independence of local self-government”, — said Adamovich. According to him, the renaming of streets and squares is the responsibility of local authorities, not Central government authorities.

The mayor added that the authors of the Law on decommunization show inconsistency, since the effect of a legal act, for example, does not apply to the first built after the war, the freighter Soldek, now converted into a Museum. “It would need to be cut into blades for razors, but I don’t think that the national Maritime Museum can agree to that, although subordinate to the Minister of culture,” he said.

The Soldek ship was built at the shipyard in Gdansk in 1948. It received its name in honor of the worker, a production worker, drummer Communist labor Sadeka Stanislav (Stanislaw Soldek).

On July 17 the President of Poland Andrzej Duda signed a new law providing for the dismantling of Soviet monuments throughout the country, including busts and memorial plaques. In addition, it stipulates the removal of Communist elements from the names of schools and other social institutions, buildings, structures and objects of public domain, streets, bridges and squares. In accordance with the law, if, before September 2 of the current year, local governments will not make changes to the street names independently, appropriate decision will issue voivodes (heads of regions).