The government of Catalonia considered unreliable warning the CIA about the attack in Barcelona

The Spanish government of Catalonia has confirmed that police in the region (the mossos d d Escuadra, Mossos d’esquadra) received a warning about an impending terrorist attack in Barcelona from the us Central intelligence Agency (CIA). On Thursday, August 31, said the adviser on internal Affairs of the regional government, Joaquim Forn, the newspaper ABC Cataluña.

He stressed that the document was nothing but a “manipulative campaign of discrediting” of the Catalan police, which is “both inside and outside the country”. He noted that the law enforcement agencies of the region do not have direct ties with the CIA.

According to Forno, the police received thousands of warnings, and they are studied by experts. He explained that the message about the impending attack on the Rambla was deemed not credible.

The newspaper also quotes the text of the warning. It reads: “Received at the end of may unconfirmed information, the reliability of which is not defined, indicates that “Islamic state” is planning to commit a terrorist attack during the summer in places of a mass congestion of tourists in Barcelona, Spain, particularly on Las Ramblas”.

That us intelligence informed the police of Catalonia about a possible attack was known immediately after the attack on 17 August, but so far this has not been confirmed. It was noted that the warning came from the CIA two months before the attack.

August 17, in Las Ramblas in Central Barcelona minibus ran over a pedestrian. Some time later, on the Diagonal Avenue, the car hit several police. The same evening in the town of Cambrils is another group of terrorists tried to attack in the Barcelona scenario. There among the victims were Russian. According to the latest data, as a result of attacks killed 16 people.

According to law enforcement agencies in a terrorist cell that is behind these terrorist attacks were 12 people. Four were arrested, five of them, including the main suspect Younes of Abuakwa, is eliminated.

Terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG) is prohibited in Russia.