People with premium gun

People with premium gun

Umar Dzhabrailov became involved in the case on hooliganism in the hotel.

According to sources, “b”, the time of the shooting that occurred late Tuesday night, no one saw or heard. Security Four seasons hotel, located on Okhotny Ryad, just a few hundred meters from the entrance to Red square, alarmed, he saw on the surveillance monitor, as the Elevator on the sixth floor is guest of the hotel, gun in hand. To catch the dangerous guest security do not dare, they called the police from a nearby Department, “China town” and offered the guards to deal with naked customer who stayed in room 633.

The guest opened the door to the police. He was still holding the gun in the hand down the stem. However, when the guards demanded to surrender their weapons, for some reason, said that “without a fight”.

Before the bloodshed, fortunately, is not reached, the lodger was persuaded to disarm, and then put it on the floor, bound with handcuffs.

Knowledge of the situation, the police found that the front of them — known Russian businessman, a former member of the Federation Council from the Chechen Republic Umar Dzhabrailov. In the ceiling filmed the rooms were traces from bullets, which the police concluded that Mr. Dzhabrailov not only walked through the door with weapons at the ready, but practiced shooting behind closed doors.

Explaining the origin of the weapons, the detainee gave the police permission for the right to keep and carry a service pistol Yarygina, which he was awarded the order of the then interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev.

Shots in the ceiling, the businessman explained his unfortunate mistake.

According to him, resting in his room, he decided to check the gun for a few years never used, and as experience of handling weapons he never had fired several random shots up.

The scene the investigators seized shell casings, bullets and complete cartridges remaining in the magazine Yarygin. They were all sent for examination, which remains to be used whether Mr. Dzhabrailov ammunition supplied premium weapons, or other. Note that regular cartridges are given awarded, along with a gun and their quantity, model and serial numbers are stored in a special invoice that the owner is obliged to keep together with the resolution. If a different ammunition master premium gun can incur liability for illegal circulation of ammunition (article 222 of the criminal code). However, sources close to the businessman say that he had a full set of regular ammunition.

The examination, which is necessary to establish whether there was mister Dzhabrailov in the time of the shooting in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication (according to the police, he seemed not quite adequate, and besides, his room was discovered a suspicious white powder), the detainee has already passed. However, the results of these studies will be known in a few days.

Anyway, the police investigation has determined the incident at the hotel according to article 213 of the criminal code — Hooliganism committed in a public place. Surrounded by a businessman I believe that the version of the investigation does not meet the circumstances of the incident. The shots, in their opinion, were generated randomly, and not in a “public place.” A room in the hotel, according to civil legislation, is a temporary place of residence rented citizen. Thus mister Dzhabrailov, most likely, will get off with administrative punishment. But the weapons he will have to return to the interior Ministry. While Yarygin taken effect as a pair. And after the completion of the investigation, his representative may apply to the court for an additional punishment for the defendant by depriving him premium weapons. In this case, the gun will be shipped in a special store prize Fund of the Ministry of interior.

Sergei Mashkin