Due to flooding in Houston can blow up a chemical plant

Due to flooding in Houston can blow up a chemical plant

Chemical plant in a flooded Houston in the next few days can catch fire or explode.


Due to the heavy rains that followed the hurricane “Harvey”, at the company’s plant Arkema in Crosby is out of order cooling system chemicals.

According to the company, to prevent a fire impossible.

The Arkema plant stopped working on Friday, even before the hurricane.

However, due to heavy rainfall — 102 cm — its territory was flooded and electricity supply were interrupted, the company said. Backup generators also flooded.

The plant produces organic peroxides, and stored chemicals are dangerous at high temperatures.

“Now substances can explode and cause a powerful fire, — quotes Reuters the head of the company Richard Rower. — High level of water and lack of electricity do not leave us any opportunity to prevent it”.

The hurricane claimed the lives of at least 25 people.

Also due to the closure of several oil companies pipelines affected energy supplies.

The national weather service of the USA has lowered the status of “Harvey” to low “tropical depression”, however, forecasters continue to predict heavy rainfall over Eastern Texas and Western Louisiana.

According to the head of Arkema, a potential fire is unlikely to spread beyond the territory of the plant, but residents of Harris County in a radius of one and a half miles (2.4 km) around the plant was evacuated as a precaution.