Monument to Soviet soldiers in Madrid painted Nazi symbols

In Madrid unidentified persons desecrated the cemetery the monument to Soviet soldiers who died during the Civil war in Spain. It is reported by the newspaper El Mundo.

Vandals defaced a memorial to Nazi and anti-Semitic symbols. Hate graffiti appeared on the monument to the international brigades fighters nearby.

The police are looking for bullies. As the newspaper notes, this action could become the revenge of right-wing city authorities decided to rename streets and to remove the plaque associated with the names of the figures of the Franco regime.

The Russian Embassy in Spain on Twitter, condemned the actions of vandals.

EmbajadaRusaES (@EmbajadaRusaES)
30 August 2017, 10:07

The civil war took place in Spain in 1936-1939. More than two thousand volunteers and military experts from the Soviet Union fought on the Republican side. Their opponents were the forces of General Franco, who were supported by Nazi Germany and fascist Italy.