Merkel is a thousand times accused of treason

Angela Merkel

From September 2015 against German Chancellor Angela Merkel was filed thousands of cases with charges of treason. On Wednesday, August 30, the newspaper Mannheimer Morgen.

Prosecutors in Karlsruhe were forced each time to refuse to initiate criminal cases. “It became clear that the charges against the Chancellor were not baseless,” — said the press Secretary of the Prosecutor Frauke Kehl.

The majority of complaints were received from members of the far-right party “Alternative for Germany”. They, in particular, was dissatisfied with the decision of Merkel to accept refugees from the Middle East and North Africa. Version of the far right, this decision threatened the internal security of the country.

On August 26 the Chancellor refused to consider his decision wrong. “All the most important decisions in 2015 I would take again,” she said and stressed that Germany, being in a very difficult situation, has accepted refugees for humanitarian reasons.

On 22 August it was reported that Syrian refugees living in Germany in 2015, has named his fifth child after Angela Merkel.

In 2015, in many EU countries, the crisis erupted because of the influx of refugees. Then we moved to Germany about a million migrants from middle Eastern countries, in 2016, the number of refugees dropped to 280 thousand people.