“Uterine looters” from Fargo killed a pregnant American woman

Accused of a crime

In the U.S. city of Fargo (North Dakota) residents after eight days of searching found the body of 22-year-old Savannah, Greywind. It is reported the Star Tribune.

Greywind, was murdered, her body wrapped in plastic and hung on a tree. Her child (she was eight months pregnant) was, apparently, stolen. This forced the police to talk about “uterine looters”, who could be guilty of a crime — according to one version, they forcibly took the child from the body of the girl or induced labor, then killed her.

Last time, Greywind seen on August 19. According to the girl’s parents, that day she went up to the neighbors above, to help with the housework, and never returned. The guards arrested the residents of the apartment, they found the baby girl. They are suspected in the attempted kidnapping and murder, but by the detainees themselves claim that the girl herself gave them the baby and left in an unknown direction.