The UN security Council will hold a meeting on the missile launch of the DPRK

The UN security Council will hold on Tuesday evening, August 29, at an emergency meeting. The reason for convening was another missile test in North Korea, reports Reuters with reference to sources in diplomatic circles.

The initiators of the emergency meeting of the security Council are Japan, USA and South Korea.

On the night of August 29, North Korea launched , presumably a ballistic missile of average range. The projectile flew over Japanese territory and fell in 1180 kilometers from Cape Erimo of Hokkaido. In Tokyo said they did not shoot down a missile as it “was not serious”. However, the authorities in Northern regions of the country have warned citizens about the missile threat, offering to take precautions. Also for a short time was stopped the movement of high-speed trains and Shinkansen trains.

This launch was the second in recent days. On Saturday, August 26, North Korea fired into the sea of Japan, several short-range missiles.

On 5 August the UN security Council passed a resolution toughening sanctions against the DPRK. The proposal to impose new restrictions against North Korea had been made by the United States. In Washington explained this response to the launches of Intercontinental ballistic missiles by Pyongyang.