Texas authorities warned residents about the possible leakage of chemicals due to hurricane

Texas authorities warned residents of areas La Porte and Oracrs about the possible leakage of chemicals due to the devastating hurricane “Harvey”. On it informs Agency Reuters.

These areas are located approximately 40 miles from Houston. The public are advised not to leave their homes and turn off air conditioners.

In turn, the Associated Press reported damage at two large oil storage tanks. So, from oil storage company Kinder Morgan capacity of 150 thousand barrels leaked, which was halted by the protective dam. The second leak happened in the storage unit company Karbuhn Oil Company. The exact amount of spilled oil not reported.

“Harvey” has struck Texas on the night of 26 August. First, he appropriated the fourth category of danger, then reduced to the level of a tropical storm. Killed at least ten people. Previously, the Agency Bloomberg has estimated that damages from the hurricane could reach $ 100 billion.