In the center of the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, an explosion occurred

In the center of the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, an explosion occurred

In the Afghan capital near US Embassy complex occurred in the blast damaged the building of the Bank, reports Reuters, citing police sources.

The representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Afghanistan Daniel Najib told the news Agency that the explosion occurred at the entrance to the Bank branch.

According to Afghan TV channel Tolo News, the explosion occurred around 10:00 local time (08.30 GMT).

A victim of the explosion was at least one person, eight of the wounded were hospitalized, the report said.

The explosion occurred outside a branch of Kabul Bank, not far from the memorial Massoud circle. It is located in the vicinity of the us Embassy.

Standing near the Bank buildings suffered significant damage, said channel.

The responsibility for the explosion is not yet taken.

Last week in Kabul in an area where there are foreign diplomatic missions explosion. The incident was the result of a missile strike, one of the rockets fell near the presidential Palace and dipuchrezhdeny.

According to Reuters, the incident occurred shortly before the speech of the President of the United States Donald trump, in which he explained the plans for the military presence of the US in this country.

Later, trump announced that he had signed a new US strategy for Afghanistan, according to which Republic will add 4 thousand American military.

In response to the new strategy of the United States a terrorist group, the Taliban (banned in Russia) announced that it will “continue the Jihad.” According to the representative of the movement, the war in Afghanistan will last as long as the country does not leave “the last American soldier”.