In Moscow staged another “ambush” for fans to litter on roads

Fourteen of the offences identified in the suburbs during the next RAID on identification of unauthorized dumping of household waste. This is stated press release of the Ministry of transport and road infrastructure of the region, arrived in edition “” on Monday, August 28.

The event was held in more than 35 municipalities participated, 64 mobile groups. Violators face a penalty of up to five thousand rubles. The people of the region can participate in the RAID, spreading in social network photo and video evidence of illegal dumping of trash with the hashtag #pig? To report violations of this kind may also be on the portal of “Dobrodel”.

Out anti-rubbish RAID against illegal dumps on the roads of the Moscow region was launched on the eighth of August on behalf of the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov. The patrols involved the Ministry of transport and road infrastructure, traffic police, Gosadmtekhnadzor, service, inspection roads, GBU MO Mosavtodor, as well as activists of the project “General cleaning” of the Russian popular front (onf).