Two teenagers suspected in the burning steppes in the Volgograd region

Two underage resident of the Volgograd region, according to preliminary data, was involved in a major wildfire that occurred in the end of last week. On Monday, August 28, according to the regional Department of the MIA.

Teenagers, one of whom is 17 years old, the second — 15, recorded by a video recorder of a nearby car. Officers were established their identity and found out that they live in krasnooktiabrskiy district of the region. With young people, investigators are working.

RIA Novosti, citing the regional Department of emergency situations reports that the fire was relatively small, but the date coincided with the large landscape fires in several districts of the region.

The fire occurred on 25 August. 400 metres from residential homes burned dry grass on the area about hectare. Police inspecting the scene found traces of intentional actions is unknown, and six foci of arson. Is checked. The culprits of the fire are threatened by punishment under article 20.4 of the administrative code (“Violation of fire safety requirements and actions, committed in conditions of fire regime”) and article 261 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Destruction or damage of forest plantations by an arson”). They provide for a penalty of up to one million rubles and deprivation of liberty for a term up to eight years.