The pupil of the Samara kindergarten was in intensive care after poisoning

Two pupils of a kindergarten, located on Rue Maurice Thorez in Samara, went to the hospital with signs of poisoning. As reported in the investigation Department of the TFR in the region, the incident occurred on Monday, August 28.

The condition of one of the girls is satisfactory, the second victim is in intensive care. Upon an event organized preliminary examination, “an examination of the scene, interview employees of the kindergarten”.

In April of this year in Saratov two children were taken to hospital after he was poisoned with rat poison. According to preliminary data, in one of the kindergartens of the city’s six-year-old boy and seven-year-old girl found two poison pills and tried them.

In September last year the pupil of a kindergarten in the Chelyabinsk region felt ill during the walk and began to lose consciousness. The child was taken to the intensive care unit, and then it turned out that he was poisoned mad cucumber (a poisonous plant) that grew on the grounds of the facility. Head of the kindergarten after the incident, was fined three thousand rubles.