The mufti of Moscow has supported the transfer of the rulers in schools for Eid al-Adha

Albir-Hazrat Krganov

Muslims of Moscow consider it reasonable to postpone the September 1 celebration Assembly in the school next to the Cathedral mosque for the Eid al-Adha. About it in conversation with RIA Novosti on Monday, August 28, said the mufti of the capital, Ildar Alyautdinov.

He recalled that in Moscow there are at least two million Muslims, which is not much places to carry out obligatory religious rites. “And although in recent times it opens all new sites in the area, it does not solve the problems of the capital’s Muslims, who do not always have somewhere to go, and besides, most of them committed to pray in the Central mosques,” said the mufti.

Alyautdinov noted that Eid al-Adha inside the mosque and around it there are dozens, if not hundreds of thousands of believers, therefore, in his opinion, the transfer school lines was adopted “based on all of the same security reasons, where everyone could spend their holiday, without constraining each other and without creating uncomfortable conditions for others.” He stressed that this decision of the city authorities, and added that it considers the interests of all “equal citizens of the capital”.

August 24 parents of students reported in social networks on the transfer lines on the occasion of the beginning of the school year in several schools of the Meshchansky district, located near the Cathedral mosque. Holiday will be 4 instead of 1 September. At school No. 2107 this information at first denied, but on August 28 confirmed.

The first Deputy of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Russia Damir Gizatullin suggested just to move the school holidays in time for an hour and a half, since the celebration near the mosque will start at seven in the morning and will last 45 minutes, after which believers disagree.