Russia held in Syria, a unique operation


The defense Ministry

The Russian military first used in Syria’s air and naval components in a single blow. About the details of the unique operation, said Deputy chief of the General staff Lieutenant-General Igor Makushev. His words RIA Novosti reported.

“During the special operation plan of the General staff carried out the first combat use of precision weapons air-and sea-based,” said Makushev.

His statement Makushev did, speaking at a round table during the International military-technical forum “Army-2017”. According to the Agency, only the Russian army has experienced in the Arab country more than 200 samples of new weapons. In particular, during anti-terrorist operations in Syria Russian drones made 14 thousand sorties.

The representative of the General staff Colonel-General Igor Korobov said that the militants of the banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” used the tactics of “bees”. During operations, the terrorists randomly attacking the positions of Syrian government army is small, but concerted and well-coordinated groups. In addition, terrorists often have artillery and armored vehicles near schools, hospitals and mosques, thus avoiding air strikes. One of the tactical innovations of fighters has been the use of drone bombers.

Russia is in Syria the anti-terrorist operation from 26 Aug 2015. Aircraft of the Russian air and space forces (VKS RF) operate in the Arab country with the permission of the Syrian authorities.

The cover of aviation group do 10-15 ships of the permanent operative connection of the Navy (Navy) of Russia in the Mediterranean. During the operation of videoconferencing destroyed about 35 thousand fighters, 725 terrorist training camps and more than 400 workshops and factories, where militants made bombs.

Russia officially recognizes the death of 39 Russian soldiers, of which 36 soldiers were killed in the line of duty, 3 soldiers listed as non-combat losses, 11 people were injured.