Found unknown risk of space flight

Found unknown risk of space flight

Russian researchers together with colleagues from Canada revealed the influence of space flight on protein composition of blood. A study published in the scientific journal Scientific Reports.

In particular, they found that the human body responds to weightlessness on the disease, the immune system includes various protective organisms.

To such conclusions researchers came after analyzing a concentration of 125 proteins in plasma of 18 Russian cosmonauts. Appropriate analyses were taken from them for a month before the flight, return from space and after a week of rehabilitation.

Was able to confirm that the changed concentration of the proteins involved in the regulation of immunity. Thus, the human body reacts to space flight on the disease at the molecular level. During the flight the process of adaptation to new conditions applied to all types of cells, organs and tissues.

In their work, scientists have resorted to quantitative proteomics, describing both the presence of the protein itself, and its quantity. In the future they intend to use the dot method to find specific proteins that affect the organism in weightlessness — this involves giving blood directly into orbit.