Caught in Moscow for prostitution, the interior Ministry employee was on maternity leave

Continuation: the employee of the Saratov Ministry of internal Affairs prosecuted for prostitution in Moscow

Police officer detained in Moscow on suspicion of prostitution, is on maternity leave to care for a child. On Monday, August 28, the Agency reports FreeNews — Volga with reference to the press service of the main Department of the MIA of Russia for the Saratov region.

It turned out that 32-year-old woman working in intermunicipal Department of the MIA Balakovskiy Saratov region. “Official inspection (…). By results of check, in case of fault, the employee will be dismissed from the police for committing the offense, defaming the honor and dignity of a police officer”, — noted in press service.

About the arrest of a suspect in the prostitution of a female officer in the centre of Moscow it became known earlier, on August 28. It was reported that when a native of the Saratov region born in 1985 was found “a large number of contraceptives, means of intimate purpose and the certificate of the employee of the MIA of Russia”.

During the inspection it was found that indeed detained the employee of law enforcement bodies.