Experts about the accident in the Kuban, to blame the age of the bus

Experts about the accident in the Kuban, to blame the age of the bus

“Auto Mail.Ru” interviewed experts, why could happen a terrible accident that claimed the lives of 19 people.

We will remind that on August 25 a bus carrying workers of ZAO “Tamanneftegas”, fell into the sea with a four-meter height. In the accident — according to recent reports — 19 people died, 32 were hospitalized. According to preliminary information, the cause of the accident was faulty brakes.

The cause of the accident Rostransnadzor called the faulty brakes. In fact criminal case is brought. In the case arrested the bus driver Karapet Mikaelyan and individual entrepreneur Yury Vacharadze, which provided the bus “Tamanneftegas”.

As it became known “Auto Mail.Ru” in Russia, in addition to the traffic police, statistics of accidents of buses also leads the Group of GAS: the company investigate accidents to be ground for analysis of technical condition of buses and the extent of their damage. Analytics is conducted for all equipment, regardless of brand and manufacturer.

Unfortunately, our experts conducted a study of the circumstances of the accident in Krasnodar claimed the lives of 19 people – another evidence that the state authorities responsible for the safety of transportation in the country, underestimate the degree of risk associated with the operation of old equipment.Helen Matveevici-President of GAZ Group

The tragedy in the Kuban — another accident where the failing old equipment that is no longer available and has exhausted its service life. The bus apparently crashed into the sea due to failure of the brakes was made the Michurinsk auto repair plant, which ceased operations in 2011.