Spain introduced a bill for the secession of Catalonia

Spain introduced a bill for the secession of Catalonia

MADRID, 28 Aug — RIA Novosti, Sergei Sarymov. Representatives of the two Catalan parties JxSí (“Together”) and CUP (“Together for national unity”) presented the bill to the law and order of the actions at the exit of Catalonia from Spain, on Monday according to Spanish newspaper El Periodico.

It is expected that the document will provide the legitimacy and present the order of actions in the period between the holding of a referendum on Catalan independence until the Constitution is already independent from Spain in the region.

If the people of the region will vote for its independence, will be launched a six-month transition period, during which preparation for new elections in the main Executive body of Catalonia.

After the first six-month period is completed, will start a new six-month phase, during which dissolved the local Parliament, and will be held the first elections in an independent region.

The law also stipulates that an independent Catalonia would remain a member of the European Union.

Supporters of the separation of Catalonia from Spain are going to hold a referendum on independence on 1 October. The question that the government of Catalonia going to the referendum is: “do you Want Catalonia became an independent state with a Republican form of government?”.