The search for the missing on podtoplentsam the Mir mine, found it impossible and stopped

The search-and-rescue operations at the mine “Mir” in Yakutia, where in early August the accident occurred, considered impossible, they stopped. This was reported on Saturday, August 26, on the website of the company “ALROSA”.

As noted, the operation is stopped due to the water accumulated in the bowl of the quarry, or 37.4 thousand cubic meters. “The threat of simultaneous uncontrolled gathering of this amount of water in the mine makes it impossible for any underground works”, — underlined in the message.

In addition, because of the resulting washouts in salt rocks there is a risk of collapse of the lower quarry face and destruction of mines. “Under the circumstances, the execution of any works, including pumping water previously committed to the explosions, impossible,” said to ALROSA.

The operation was conducted around the clock for three weeks. Medical experts believe that a person is not able to survive for a time without drinking water, food, in conditions of high humidity and flooding the mine with mud-masses with a high content of hydrogen sulfide and salts, the company said.

“With a heavy heart I regret to inform you that hopes that the remaining in the mine working will be able to raise to the surface alive, there is not. (…) The realization that we have done everything possible to save people, unfortunately, can not serve as consolation for their loved ones,” said the President of “ALROSA” Sergey Ivanov.

Published the names of the remaining eight underground miners. This Is Alexey Vlasenko, Dmitry Zhukov, Vitaly Kulikov, Dmitry Maryin, Gleb Mirontsev, Valentine Misnik, Mikhail Neustroyev, Igor Stepanov. Relatives of each of them will be paid compensation in the amount of two million rubles.

4 Aug mine have been a breakthrough of water. In the first hours after the incident were evacuated workers from 142 151. The next day we managed to rescue another miner Alisher Mirzaev, stuck at a depth of 410 meters.