At the wedding Banquet in Makhachkala have poisoned more than 20 people

More than 20 people were poisoned, noting the wedding in the Banquet hall “Pink flamingos” in Makhachkala. This was reported on the website of the Department of Rospotrebnadzor for the Republic of Dagestan.

Tuesday, August 22, for medical assistance to 21 people, 13 victims were hospitalized with preliminary diagnosis “food poisoning”. Most of the studies found noroviruses. It was found that all used poisoned at the wedding chicken.

Held in the Banquet hall, the audit revealed a number of violations. “Cooked for the Banquet hall revealed gross violations of the requirements for the acceptance, storage, compliance storage conditions, technology of production. Cooking allowed persons without a medical examination and medkniga, productive control, not carried out disinfection and deratizare”, — stated in the message.

Materials for a temporary ban on the activities of the Banquet hall and the criminal case transferred to the court and Prosecutor’s office.

Earlier in August in Ufa after attending a wedding Banquet in the cafe “White bridge” poisoned 51 people, 43 were hospitalized with acute intestinal infection. All the victims diagnosed with salmonellosis. According to preliminary data, the cause of poisoning steel fish or meat included in the salad. The activities of the institution were suspended for 40 days. In fact the incident investigators is checked.