Unknown with a knife attacked police officers at Buckingham Palace in London

Two policemen were injured in an attack by a stranger with a knife outside the Mall near Buckingham Palace in London. This is stated on the website of the Metropolitan police.

It is reported that two guards noticed a man with a knife in the course of arrest caused them minor injuries of the hands. Doctors have rendered to the victims on-site assistance, the police refused hospitalization.

No one in the incident was not injured.

Earlier on August 25 armed with a knife man attacked a military patrol in the Belgian capital Brussels, there are victims. The incident occurred on the Boulevard Emile Jackman in the city centre. Soldiers received wounds of hands and faces, their life is out of danger.

According to media reports, the murderer is a native of Somalia about 30 years. It is reported that before the attack he was shouting “Allah Akbar”. The offender was taken to hospital in serious condition.